All That You Would Want To Know About The Mysteries Of Nidhivan

Why do people near Nidhivan have permanently blocked their windows with bricks? What is the reason behind the curfew that takes over after the evening Aarti? Vrindavan is one amongst the holiest grounds in India. Moreover, what makes it entirely famous is the Mysteries of Nidhivan. Let’s take you to a ride of unfurling these mind-boggling mysteries.

1. What Mystery?

The land is dedicated to the divine duo of Lord Krishna and Radhaji whose love has touched the purest form. It is believed that the pair engulfs itself into Rasleela in the laps of the night.

2. Wondering if there are any proofs regarding the mysteries of Nidhivan?

A) Peculiarity of Rang Mahal

Peculiarity of Rang Mahal nidhivan secrets
Via- Ajabgjab

The holy garden is a home to a small palace. Here, on a daily basis, a sandalwood bed is prepared for Lord Krishna. Beside this bed are kept pan leaves, a silver glass of water and Prasad. Furthermore, Makeup items for Radha Ji are also kept. To your astonishment, when the doors of the Mahal are opened in the morning, the priest finds an empty glass of water, pan leftovers and bed in a condition as if someone had slept in it.

B) Extraordinary shape of Trees and Tulsi

vrindavan nidhivan land of lord krishna
Via- Ajabgjab

Usually, following the laws of nature, the branches of the trees tend to grow upwards. The uniqueness of trees over here is that their branches grow downwards. Moreover, the Tulsi grows in a pair. According to the locals, these turn into the Gopis during the night time. The divine dance takes place between Lord Krishna, Radhaji, and the Gopis. These plants resume to their original self as the dawn takes over.

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3. Vacant garden after the evening Aarti

People are warned against staying in the holy garden after the evening aarti. Also, when it gets darker, people living nearby start restricting themselves from looking outside. Furthermore, it seems that Lord Krishna wants his Rasleela to be a secret as anyone who has ever tried to catch a glimpse of the supernatural happening has either lost his eyesight, mental balance or capability to speak.

nidhivan prohibited during evening
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The unusual happenings in the heavenly kingdom of Krishna prove that Nidhivan indeed is a land of the Lord.

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