Drishti Mistry

I'm an introvert aesthete with an obvious fashion and beauty obsession while my love for reading makes me a part time writer. Ironically enough I do have a thing for deep philosophical discussions that push me to widen my thinking horizons. On days when I'm not upto one of these things you could easily catch me day dreaming or rescuing a kitten!
  • Fashionmakeup tips for oily skin

    6 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

    A huge shout-out to all my fellow sisters who have super oily skin like mine and hate watching their beautifully done makeup melt like a bad case of ice cream meltdown. Another huge problem with oily skin is that you need multiple touch-ups to make that flawless look fresh all day. So basically, for us, oily-skinned humans, perfectly put makeup…

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  • FashionUltimate Fashion Inspiration Movies To Watch

    15 Ultimate Fashion Inspiration Movies To Watch

    The summers are here. And thus, so many of us are enjoying the requisite summer vacations, as we call them. While some of us would satiate our wanderlust during this period, many others would happily indulge in all day-all night movie marathons. For those of you who are blessed with common interests of mine like bingeing on movies (especially chick-flicks)…

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  • 5 Simple Tricks Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

    I know I’m just in my twenties and I’m not supposed to worry about aging at all. But I’m only human and this cringe-worthy centuries-old question does haunt me all the time; maybe because I’m absolutely obsessed with my appearance. But then again, who isn’t? Only some people would openly admit it; while a few others would discreetly adore themselves…

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  • Health and Wellness

    This Year, Combat The Scorching Summer Heat With Peppermint Oil

    Now that the scornful summers are upon us, and we are totally at the mercy of soaring temperatures that are never soon to plummet, it is high time that we find alternatives to shield ourselves from the harmful effects of the Sun. One such miracle shield is the Peppermint oil! Yes, you heard that right! Peppermint is the hybrid of…

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  • Fashionfashion history

    All That You Need To Know About The Fashion Industry

    Admittedly, dressing up is the best part of being a woman, even a man, in some cases. But it amazes me how blissfully ignorant some of us are as we listlessly put on our garbs every morning without giving it a second thought as to how they even came into existence. The fabrics that we wear today, the wefts and…

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