Why do we say God Bless You when you Sneeze?

In an era of high-tech world, there are still some things which we follow monotonously without even giving any thought to it or I can say without questioning ourselves what’s the reason behind it.

And, surprisingly to all of it, one such repeated act of ours is saying ‘God Bless you’ or ‘Bless you’ when someone sneezes.

Well,  scientifically sneeze happens due to irritation inside the nostrils, but let me tell you, science does not have any theory to it. Might our science won’t have any theory to it yet there still some exists with the grace of some masterminds. There’s just ain’t one theory to it, though an average of around 3-4 of them.

As we know we live in a world where logic are considered of less priority to that of superstitions. And one of our theories is based totally on superstition. In the 1st century it was thought that sneezing was a way of the body to get rid from evil spirits and in order to shower the person with warm protection or luck charm ‘Bless You’ was said.

Wait, not just superstitions but few related this cause to a scientific reason too, but to a better relief!! It’s just a belief not the actual cause. So yeah, it is believed that our heart stop when we sneeze and ‘God Bless You’ is said to thank God for our survival.

To all this wearied theories there’s one more philosophy which had the most silly saying to it, and according to it, the person who sneezes were blessed by ‘God Bless you’ while making the sign of the crossover in front of their mouth as protection from plague.

Last but not least,  it is also believed that one ran the risk of sneezing out your soul whenever an attack happens, so ‘Bless you’ offered protection.

I personally think that theories of ‘God Bless You’ is just a way of providing one with a reason for saying ‘Bless you’ while sneezing but actually they don’t have any logical reasoning to it. Though, whatever it may be the truth is we follow this ritual blindly and are in the habit of it too, so from now at least you would be able to tell one the reason for the ‘God Bless’ while sneezing.

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