• Health and Wellnessthings to keep in mind before getting a tattoo

    23 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Tattoo

    There’s always a thing about your firsts – your first job, first kiss, first love, and your first tattoo. Isn’t there always an exhilarating feeling and an adrenaline rush in your body when you experience such beautiful first experiences? Well, this feeling of exhilaration can quickly turn into dejection if things go south or the way you hadn’t planned them…

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  • Facts6 Most Expensive Food Dishes In The World

    6 Most Expensive Food Dishes In The World

    The circle of food and drink is one which is, and has consistently been directed by some degree of trends going on. Considering the trend of trying and tasting new dishes, it is certain that people who are absolute food lovers are always up for trying everything and anything, and of course, have deep pockets will definitely want to try…

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  • FactsLife In A Metro City

    Life In A Metro City

    “One aspiration and thousand aspirants fighting to make their place.” The Indian metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and recently Bengaluru are counted under the metro cities of the country. How to describe the life of people living in a metro city? Do we say busy lives or do we say stressful lives? Life in these cities is not…

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  • Facts

    The Most Expensive Materials In The World

     Most people believe that gold is the most expensive material in this world. But, contrary to popular beliefs, there are a lot more expensive materials than gold. The rare materials share a common thread of being high in demand and low in supply.   Here is a list of the most expensive materials on Earth (ranging from least expensive to most…

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