Your Blood Type Personality Tells More Than You Know

We all are familiar with the four major types of blood that exists. Every blood type is linked with the ancestry of a person. But very few people know that your blood type personality can truly tell you a lot about your habits, your lifestyle and much more. To begin with, we have four blood types- O meaning Original hunter, A meaning Agrarian, B meaning Bavarian and last but not the least AB which is the most recent type of blood. Apart from these four types, there are over 400 subcategories of different blood types.

There are also some witty facts about the blood type personality such as type AB lives on coffee\tea, type B is bad with names, type O hates math and type A beliefs in fairy tales. Enough with the starter, below are some of the factual details of your blood type personality. Enjoy.

1. Food and blood type

  • A- People with this blood type should avoid nonvegetarian, coffee, and spicy food.
  • B- You should include dairy, vegetables, tea, and grains in your diet.
  • O- You should include meat, fish, and vegetables in the diet. Dairy should be dodged.
  • AB- People with this blood type has the finest immune system and they can digest anything. Although, you should try to eat organic.
via – naturalhealthmag

2. Transfusions and blood type

  • AB blood type is the universal receiver but it can only donate to AB.
  • A can receive blood from type A or O, but it can only donate to A or AB.
  • B can receive blood from type B or O, but it can only donate to B or AB.
  • O is a universal blood donor, but it can only receive from O type.

3. Fat and blood type

  • A type gets fat from sugars and meat mostly.
  • AB type gets fat from being indolent.
  • B type mostly gets fat from fried food and bread.
  • O type gets fat from overeating or irregular eating.
via – CardiovascularDiseaseNews

4. Personality and blood type

  • Type O- You are sensitive, self-confident, trendsetter, loyal and passionate. A downside is being too competitive, vanity, jealousy.
  • Type A- You like harmony, peace, and organization and are patient and affectionate. Being stubborn is your weakness.
  • Type B- You are an individualist, straightforward person, creative and flexible. Although, being too independent can sometimes go far off the limits.
  • Type AB- You are cool, controlled, jolly and a natural entertainer. Indecisiveness is a problem for you.

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