10 Ways Your Personality is Groomed At School

We have a preconceived notion that the school system is just formed for the inculcation of knowledge within the pupil and nothing else. But little do we know that the well-planned education system includes curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities to ensure holistic development in the child.

Imparting values, acquiring skills, creative thinking, critical thinking, sportsmanship, and discipline was a part of the journey. All that you see in yourself today is entirely a result of your learnings at school. 

Here are 10 Ways Your Personality is Groomed At School

1. Togetherness

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A sense of togetherness was instilled among us at a young age. The first thing that treats everyone equally is the rule that each student has to strictly wear the uniform and follow a code of conduct on the premises.

This inculcates a feeling of oneness, students coming from varied backgrounds are dressed and treated equally under the same roof. We sit together in the same classroom and even share our lunch with our classmates making us a big happy family.

2. Holistic Development

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The education system doesn’t just focus on the academic development of the students but also the all-around growth of the individuals. The yearly calendar is planned in such a way that the students can experience different activities.

There are annual gatherings, sports days, elocution competitions, cultural days, and festival celebrations all these provide a platform for the kids to showcase their talent. This will boost their confidence, help them to articulate their thoughts effectively, creatively express their ideas, develop a spirit of sportsmanship and value addition to the character.

3. Common Goals

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Spending years together with the same batchmates we develop a bond with everyone and common goals. When it comes to any activity on the school level like collecting food grains for the needy or working towards cleanliness of the vicinity, all these small events bring us together to achieve the common goal. This goal is generally a step ahead towards having a better future.

4. Spreading values

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Unknowingly through numerous ways, we impart and spread values during the school days. What we learn at school is what we carry forward in our lives, and as children, we often tend to share all that we learn at school with our parents, grandparents, and friends. So, when it comes to values we generally get those through our value education classes in our primary grades, and later during our secondary grades, we acquire them through English lessons or science at times.

5. Experiential learning

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Experience teaches you a lot. You start receiving real-life learning right through your school days. In a short span, you realize which kind of things would lead us towards a brighter future. We experienced that respect is not what you ask for forcefully, what you give is what you get. We realized that the Taj Mahal was not made in a single day but it was a constant hard work of many years and similarly if we too wish to achieve something in life we need to work upon it every day.

6. National integrity

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Every morning assembly brings a feeling of national integrity in the kids as all of them stand together and pay a tribute to the nation by singing the national anthem with full dedication and love. Also, the celebration of independence day on 15th August and Republic day on 26th January makes the children realize how we have earned our freedom from the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters. This makes their heart grow fonder for their nation.

7. Humanity

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Sensitivity, truthfulness, kindness, honesty, love, empathy, and charity all develop humanity within us. Learning about the life of the greatest examples in history like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa who have been ideals for human deeds impacts the children to learn about humanity. Learning from their actions and words we try to implement the same in our lives. And that’s how the seed of humanity is sown in us at such a young age. We become more empathetic towards others.

8. Management

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Being in school we have to manage our time really well. Study hard, play, relax, and have fun simultaneously, which needs proper time management. We even are given charge to make arrangements for some functions, events, or fests at school. This gives us a chance to manage the decorations, performance, hospitality, refreshments, time, and venue of the entire program. Making us realize how we have the capacity to look over big responsibilities when we work together as a team.

9. Interaction

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By sharing our knowledge or answering in the class we learn how to interact effectively with our teachers. Spending time with friends the whole day we come to know how to speak in a friendly manner. Also dealing with the school helpers we learn how to speak reasonably with the people who work for us. Public speaking and interacting with a large audience all at once is what we learn through our experience at school. The way we interact with our verbal and non-verbal cues tells a lot about our personality.

10. Discipline

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Right from the nursery, we are taught to be disciplined in our words and actions. We walk in a straight line, remain silent when the teacher speaks in the class, follow the rules strictly, and respect our elders and teachers. Our life should be disciplined right from the beginning so that we get habituated to it. A self-disciplinary person always savours success in life.


Though we take our school days quite casually and think that they don’t really help us in forming our persona. But, that’s not true. Our personality gets its roots from the experiences we have right from our childhood. Any positive or negative event in our life does impact our character.

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