• FactsTequila barrel hotel

    Where Are All My Tequila Lovers At?

    Do you like the sound of immersing yourself in unlimited tequila over the weekend? If yes, then welcome to the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Tequila, Mexico, which is a paradise for tequila lovers. It is the only hotel in the world which outshines the boring breweries and vineyards by allowing its guests to eat, drink, sleep and almost dream…

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  • Read About The Benefits And Surprising Facts About TEQUILA Shots

    Facts About Tequila Shots What if I tell you that a glass of alcohol would be beneficial for you? And mind you, it’s not wine. It’s TEQUILA! Here is the list of some benefits which you should get with a single shot of Tequila But as the saying is, EXCESS OF ANYTHING IS BAD, NEVER OVER-DO IT. Tequila is actually…

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