Shivam Chopra belives a lot in healthcare! Not just because he is about to be a Doctor, but also because he belives in the power of changing lifestyle! By qualification he is an aspiring physiotherapist which helps in giving him practical knowledge. He is also a certified Aerobic Instructor from IAFT and a Physical therapist from Manual Therapy Foundation Of India. He is also certified for Basic Life Support (BLS) & CPR from Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.
  • How To Stop Worrying? Get Rid Of Negative Thinking And Anxiety!

    Negative Thinking ‘WORRY’! The word itself is intense. But what if I say worrying is good for health? I don’t know about others, but when it comes to me, it does help, because worrying makes me get up, take action against the worry, and solve the problem. Via: It just depends on the way you take things. It’s all…

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  • Factstrees and plants

    This Is Why We Regard Trees And Plants As Sacred In India

    Trees and plants have always been a divine source for humankind. Our Ancestors have recognized the sacredness and passed the notion down to every generation. This is not a traditional or uncivilized practice. While modernization often tries to take over and conquer Mother Nature, ancient Indians have always worshiped her. Life is the gift of God, and thus, it is…

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  • Health and Wellnessdiet for arthritis patients

    A Sureshot Diet For Arthritic Patients To Get Rid Of Arthritis!

    Arthritis is a relatively serious condition. Though it is not fatal, it surely holds power to make life challenging and uncomfortable for the sufferers. Medical treatment surely becomes a great treatment for arthritis. But, following a particular diet for arthritic patients can help to heal arthritis easily. Eating the right foods reduce the inflammation as well as help an arthritic…

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  • Factsmala beats

    Colored Mala Beads: Which Ones Should You Use To Get The Best Life?

    Mala Beads have a special significance in the spiritual aspects of life. Wearing or chanting Mala’s can bring peace to your mind and soul (know more about it with a single click), but using different colored mala beads for various purposes can also affect your life. Via – Colored Mala Beads: Different Colours, Different Significance So, how do Mala’s…

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  • Every Foodie Must Know These Interesting Food Facts

    Interesting food facts “As long as you have in your mouth you have solved all the problems for the time being” – Franz Kafka We all, especially foodies, love to explore something or the other related to food. Anything that deals with food undoubtedly interest us, don’t you think the same? And, why not it is one of the basic…

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