The Top 5 Charming Altars With Beautiful Architecture!

India is famous for its rich heritage and culture. The beauty of age-old archaic temples remains intact. Not only are the temples magnificent from the outside but the rich story and backdrop work that went behind these temples is equally astonishing to listen to!

This blog is NOT to bring out the spirituality in you but to show you some of India’s most beautiful architecture that is a treat for the eye! So readers, if you are in a locality distantly or even remotely close to any of these wonders, go and admire its beautiful architecture!

1. Konark Sun Temple

A notable marvel in the state of Orissa, the Sun temple is a living masterpiece of the Kalinga Age. The sun temple is known for the beautiful architecture which is sculpted as a huge chariot drawn by seven horses to pay tribute to the sun god. And it is not the idol that makes this place so beautiful. It is the exact angle at which the sun rays penetrate the temple that adds on to the marvel of this construction. The temple is also known for its sculptures that talk about the history of the age in which it was constructed. Talks about wonders of Egypt but not been here yet? Go quickly!

konark sun temple
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2. Beemapally Mosque

This majestic mosque is well known in the Kerala capital, Trivandrum. History says that Cheraman Perumal went on a pilgrimage to Arabia and met Prophet Muhammed at Jeddah. He converted to Islam and was called Thajuddin from then on. He married the princess of Arabia and settled in Arabia.

Before he passed away, he handed over several letters to the King of Jeddah to be sent to the rulers of Kerala to accept Islam. Later on, after his death, the King of Jeddah traveled to Kerala and altered Arathali Temple (Famous Hindu temple in Kerala) into a Juma Masjid.

The beauty of this mosque lies in the Hindu architecture that can be found. This is the second mosque in the world and first in India to offer Juma prayers. Unity in diversity is not just a catchphrase in India. We prove it to you in every instance possible!

beemapally mosque
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3. Our Lady of Ransom Church

Everyone knows about the St. Basilica church of Goa! But how many of us know about one of the oldest churches in the entire south of India at Kanyakumari? This beautiful church was once a thatched place of worship and then was renovated into a Roman architecture church in the 1700 A.D.

This church is a living proof of everyone knows about the St. Basilica church of Goa! But how many of us know about one of the oldest churches in the entire south of India at Kanyakumari? This beautiful church was once a thatched place of worship and then was renovated into a Roman architecture church in the 1700 A.D.

This church is a living proof of the age-old existence of Christianity in India. It is known for the mission activities that happened. Roman architecture can be seen at its peak beauty in this church which has not hit limelight as much as any other grand church in India.

our lady of ransom church
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4. Enchey Monastery

The monastery that is beautifully placed in the Kanchenjunga mountain ranges in Gangtok is one of the oldest monasteries in India. Legend recalls that the Lama Karpo, a tantric Buddhist master known for his abilities to fly was the founder of this monastery. The name stands for “the solitary monastery”.

It is known for the peace and serenity in and around the monastery. Imagine going up the hills, amongst the wild nature stands this beautiful conventional looking grand monastery! It doesn’t need a God believer to enjoy the beauty of this place!

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5. Tanjore Temple

The “Tanjavur Peria Kovil” in the city of Tanjore – the rice belt of South India is one of the most magnificent and grand temple of all times. The temple is also known as the RajaRajeshwar Kovil, dedicated to Lord Brihadeeshwara (Lord Shiva).

The temple is an exemplary work of Dravidian architecture and was constructed in the Chola Period by Raja Rajan Chozhan. The temple tower stands at 60-meter length and is one of the tallest in the world. The Nandi (sacred Bull) is carved out of a single stone measuring 16ft in diameter and 14ft in breadth. The stories of how this massive temple was built are a story in itself.

Those were the times when kings built such massive structures to flaunt their power and to etch a mark in history. It took several years, several thousand elephants, and several million artisans to finish this masterpiece and pure to its word and objective, has left a big footprint in history!

tanjore temple
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So readers, places of worship are mostly sought to find inner peace and solutions to problems that ache the heart. But there is more to these sites than the supposedly said spirituality. To observe the beauty of these massive structures is something different and a bigger experience in itself.

If there are other places which you feel are equally beautiful and archaic, type it down in the comment section for others to know about it! It is not just the beauty of these places that count, stories of these massive structures and its reminiscence are what keeps the memory of these sites intact.

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