Some Questions About Universe We Don’t Have Answers To! Here’s Why?

We breathe among uncounted truths and lies, and we also pass our life wondering, wondering for questions to which the answer must be known. Scientists died proving few inventions and students dozed off digging the answers to questions. Where would you go to find the answers? Library? Google? And, what if we make you believe that nobody knows, no one has the answers to these questions about the universe.

 How Big Is The Universe?

We survive under one planet, and the earth is the part of a solar system, the solar system is the further part of a galaxy. A galaxy may have tens of billion solar system, and god knows how many galaxies do this frantically infinite world have kept from us silently. Scientists have revealed around 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Perhaps, this number is only what the Hubble telescope sees, and to our interest, Hubble telescope only considers a tiny part of the universe.

Scientists believe a betterment in telescope technology may expose us to the distant universe. Further universe? Yes, that world which is expected to be anything, perhaps, no one has the answers to those anything. There can be an another Earth, other humans, and other roads or buildings as similar to ours or may be more highly developed than us.

questions about universe

Talking about another earth, research and dedicated studies have proved planets which familiarize Earth, one of which is “Kepler-452 b“. Kepler looks like earth, and it is said to have the same temperature as our planet. The Space missions don’t have a budget, resources, and technology to walk on Kepler, which is some 490 light years ahead. Which means, we never know what the Kepler’s land has to show.

       Where Is Everybody?

There are billions of unknown planets, If the planet earth has held the condition of life, there must be a surety of few other planets providing the same, hidden in those untold billions. Rumours and breaking news spreading the presence of aliens are high in number, but none of them was compelling! “Stephen Hawking” the famous physicist and cosmologist believe on his theory of “they are coming” and “we are not alone“.

The famous American Jimmy Kimmel show aired an interview with ex-American President Barack Obama. Jimmy asked if the conspiracy of aliens could be real to which Obama replied “I can’t reveal that“, leaving the world with a clue indicating secret, that something is kept from revealing. Science is practitioner its search for other possible living creatures in the world, or maybe their research has resulted in a discovery a long ago which is hidden to keep us safe from the reality!

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