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    Is Meat Actually Luxurious Food?

    Think of a food item, the one you most enjoy, to be precise. Around 90% of the population would name the kind of meat they prefer. It’s no doubt that only 14% of the population is vegetarian, including vegans. Since kindergarten, the food chain has always been a part of our textbooks. The chain has been followed for centuries, and…

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  • FactsHow To Include Vitamin B12 In Vegan Life?

    How To Include Vitamin B12 In Vegan Life?

    Vitamins are organic compounds occurring in small quantities in different foods and are required for growth and maintenance of good health. Vitamins are generally not synthesized by the human body and so require external intake or a precursor for the synthesis of certain essential vitamins. Vitamin B12 characteristics: Image credit: News Medical It is a deep red crystalline substance and…

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