This Six Pack Abs Diet Is Your Stepping Stone To be Fit.

Yes, I am talking about those six-pack abs diet that every actor or body builder follows ultimately!

Not many people are aware of this, but the allowances for Indians are different from the rest of the world. It’s just because the lifestyle that we live, the food that we eat is completely different from the rest of the world!

I have many clients walking in with a list of Do’s and Don’ts from some website and asking me to explain it to them. So, here is a combined list for people who just need those abs!

When it comes to your body, it always works with a combination of good diet, proper exercise, enough sleep and enough water to keep you hydrated. If anything goes wrong here, your goal fades off.

This article will cover up the six-pack abs diet which need to be followed. Upcoming articles will give you the information about exercise to get those 6 pack abs and much more!

Normally, you will see articles which mention what we should do first and what we should later. I feel that’s not the correct way though. Unless we understand what’s harming us, benefits of the same thing won’t put a great impact on us.

Here is a list of things that you should not do if you want those six-pack abs 

Start exercise, but do not overdo it

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There is no point following a perfect diet regime and not developing those abs. Unless you start exercising, no diet is going to work for the body. Toning plays a very important role in developing abs.

Say NO to sugar

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Your body doesn’t require sugar externally. Your food has enough amount of sugar which your body needs. Out of the total external sugar, you take, hardly 3 to 6 grams (hardly 1tbsp) of it gets used up. The rest of it is stored in the body as fat. You can include little sugars as a part of your post-workout food. The reason for including it in post-workout routine is that it can replenish the glycogen that is lost during the strenuous workout. So remember no sugar in your six pack abs diet.

Here is the list of things which you should do to get those abs!

Take care of your calories

Unless you monitor the number of calories you are eating, you won’t make out the amount of the calories you are burning and whether it is helping you or not. So, become calorie deficit first before planning your six-pack abs diet.

How to count calories? Follow these steps!

  • Calculate your BMR(Basal by any nutritionist or dietician or you can even use any calculator online).
  • Once you get your BMR per day, then you can reduce that by 200-300. This is how many calories you need to eat in a day.
  • Cut those calories out into Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Out of those calories, keep 40% for Protein, 40% for Carbohydrates, and 20% for Fats.
  • The kind of proteins, fats, and carbs will be discussed later in the other half of the article.
  • Do this for 2 months and reduce the number you got earlier by a further 100 calories if needed. (Mostly, a deduction is always better)
  • Add cardio to further reduce the calories, if needed.

Cardio plan will be shared in the upcoming articles!

six pack abs diet
  • Protein Intake
  • Most important macro-nutrient that you need in your six pack abs diet is Protein. If you plan to have those perfect abs!
  • I have seen experts saying that you must cut down on your protein and stuff but trust me, that’s wrong! Actually, the reverse is true.
  • You must give a good supply to your body with high biological value protein. Not many people are aware of this, but the main function of a protein is bodybuilding, which I desperately needed here!
  • Eggs are a rich source of high biological value food. Other than that, non-veg sources are very rich in protein.
  • For vegetarians, the additional supplement is required.
  • People have a wrong notion that ones who eat non-veg are not protein deficient. It’s the other way around. Almost everyone in today’s world, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian are deficient in protein.

Which protein supplement is good for your six pack abs diet? It will be shared in upcoming articles!

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sometimes I just wonder that the world’s population is more because of people, or more because of myths?
  • I have seen many experts putting clients on a low carb diet or sometimes even no carb diet. How is it going to help? Why is everybody forgetting that carbohydrates are the main source of energy to your body? If you go on a low carb diet or no carb diet, proteins will be forced to give your body some energy to do the work. So, if proteins are busy in giving energy, who will build up muscles?
  • Choose your foods wisely. Go for complex carbs rather than going for simple carbs.
  • Simple carbs are only needed by the body as a post workout nutrient to replenish the energy lost immediately.
  • More of oats, muesli, cornflakes, wheat flakes, and brown rice can be very good options!
  • Fats
  • This is a huge list of falling prey to myths!
  • Every second person comments on why you should not take fats, especially when you need six-pack abs!
  • I am an exceptional maybe to tell you to include it in your six-pack abs diet every day! You might wonder what the writer is crazy but trust me, reading my articles would be worth it!
  • Fats are responsible for proper hormonal regulation. Plus, it is also responsible for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins!
  • As I mentioned for carbs, fats too are divided into saturated and unsaturated fatty acid. So, what’s best for is unsaturated fatty acids which includes omega 3, omega 6 which are invisible, yet good fats!
  • Fibre
  • No one gives any extra attention to how much fibre do we eat. People think it is not even important unless they come in with a huge list of digestive issues, and at the end, lack of fibre is the ultimate cause of it.
  • We need at least 25-30 grams of fibre every day.
  • This will keep you full for a longer period and will curb the hunger pangs which lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Not to forget Cheat Days

  • While developing six-pack abs, you must not forget to cheat! The importance of cheat days is way too high!
  • Giving a break to your body is very important. This will help you in giving good and consistent results!

Any questions for me? Post it below! Stay tuned for the upcoming articles on six-pack abs!

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