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  • FactsDelos

    Delos Island With Rise And Fall Of Wealth And Habitations.

    Delos (Δήλος) is a small rocky island in the centre of the Aegean Sea, about 1.3 square miles (3.4 square km) which are uninhabited now. It is important as a mythological, historical and archaeological site of Greece. The island lies to the west and in between Rinía (Rhenea) or Megáli Dhílos (Greater Delos) with Mýkonos Island to its east. It’s…

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  • FactsThe 12 Olympians - The Sublime Figures of Ancient Greece

    The 12 Olympians – The Sublime Figures of Ancient Greece

    Greek Mythology has no written texts like the Christian Bible or Hindu Vedas. Instead, they are spread through oral communications (especially the stories of The 12 Olympians) from the beginning of the Bronze Age, but soon they were written in literature of the archaic and classical periods. Gods, Goddesses, heroes, and monsters were an important part of the Ancient Greeks’…

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  • FactsAtlantis- A Paradise Lost Under Water?

    Atlantis- A Paradise Lost Under Water?

    Atlantis is a fictional island as per the Greek mythology, which sank in the ocean because of an Earthquake or tsunami about 12,000 years ago. It is idealized as ‘a utopian society’ that could bring world peace which has caught the eyes of reveries, Newcomers of this generation. It has remained a hot topic for years now in books, in…

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  • Factsphoenix legend

    The Legend Of The Phoenix- Is It All Just Folklore?

    Phoenix is a bird that is said to come alive rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some say they die in a show of flames, combusting themselves. But some claim they just die and the body decomposes before they come alive again. It is said that phoenixes are real birds but extremely rare, most probably found in the most…

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    Horrific Deaths And Punishments In Greek Mythology

    There is a vast majority of horrific deaths that took place in Roman and Greek mythology. Many of these deaths were caused by very gruesome and peculiar punishments that were imposed by the Gods. Here is a list of the most devastatingly repulsive deaths that occurred and the brutal sanctions that were given in the mythology. Prometheus In Greek mythology,…

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