Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

If you’re not the one to tie the knot at just another venue in your hometown, but you’re more of an adventurous type ‒ a destination wedding will be the best choice. If you’ve been considering a destination wedding, don’t think about traveling a few miles to say your vows, but think big.  Imagine saying your “I do” on the beach in New Caledonia, or maybe in a Japanese temple ‒ wonderful, right? Well, if you liked the idea of getting hitched on a rather unconventional destination, the following spots will certainly pique your interest.

The Caribbean destination wedding

Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean wedding destinations, giving you the chance to tie the knot on a wonderful beach overlooking the sunset. If you’re up for something less conventional, pick the  Grand Cayman Island. The Grand Cayman Island and its Seven Mile Beach have just the perfect thing for you. Participate in an Aqua Vows Ceremony, and tie the knot underwater, having colorful fish and sea turtles at your wedding party.


An epic journey to Kyoto will certainly be the perfect way to say your “I do”. Get a kimono-style gown and exchange your vows at an ancient temple or shrine in Japan. You’ll have the opportunity to see traditional performances by Geishas and a Kagamiwari ritual with sake barrel-top breaking.

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New Caledonia

The idyllic setting of the South Pacific islands attracts couples from all over the world.  You should definitely consider New Caledonia for your destination wedding. The wonderful Isle of Pines in New Caledonia is the closest image to paradise you’ve ever witnessed and it’ll certainly leave you breathless. If you want to experience a true heaven on earth, get stunning wedding pictures and remember your big day for years to come, the Isle of Pines is your go-to wedding destination.

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African safari

If you’re striving for a truly unique wedding, a trip to Kenya will offer you just that. Get hitched in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Nature Reserve by a local community elder. You can wear hand-beaded jewelry and have locals in regalia sing during the ceremony. You can stay in a luxury safari lodge and enjoy a fabulous destination wedding. Not only will it be a unique wedding but you also get to enjoy the African wildlife.

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Forget about Santorini or Mykonos, and tie the knot at the breathtaking cliffs on Folegandros. It is located in the Cyclades chain. The amazing destination is home to charming villages and deserted beaches that’ll make your happy day more wonderful than you’ve ever imagined it to be.  Rustic taverns, small boutique hotels and whitewashed churches overlooking the sparkling blue Aegean Sea will create the perfect setting for your wedding and your honeymoon.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the first choices for adventurous couples. This is because of its ziplining, volcano hiking and surfing activities that the guests and the happy couple can enjoy. Nature lovers will fall in love with Costa Rica for all of its rainforests and volcanoes, and a myriad of thrilling activities. However, when you start looking for the venues, keep in mind that not all areas are easily accessible. Some resorts are close to the airport and will offer you a customized ceremony, planning services, and exclusive wedding packages. Others may require you to travel longer than you might have expected it.

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Final thoughts

There are a plethora of wonderful destinations you can choose for your dream wedding. The Caribbean to Costa Rica, Greece, Africa, Japan and all the way to New Caledonia ‒ choices are vast. Don’t think about how many miles you’ll need to fly. Just look for the destination where you’ll find all the beauties that you always wanted your wedding to feature. No matter the destination you pick, you and your guests will have the time of your lives for sure.

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