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Maggi Maggi Maggi....

“Fast to cook, Good to eat”, “Health bhi-taste bhi”  and “Do minute mein khushiyan”. What comes to your mind after listening to these taglines? What could be this? Yeah, This is our Maggi. Maggi had been our favorite and is still now our all time snack. But who get the credits for it? So, Julius Michael Johannes Maggi is the person who brought this product to us. He is one whose name is given to our favorite snack. With a dream of creating a food product that would be used everywhere, just like salt and pepper and a product which would be in the budget of everyone, he came up with the idea of the brand of Maggi.

Julius Maggi--Procaffenation
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Today, the brand Maggi is a Nestle’s billion-dollar brand. With the red and golden color packaging and the name of its creator, this brand has earned endless love and fame than was predicted by Julius Maggi himself.

                                                       History of Maggi

Julius Maggi was a son of an Italian-born mill owner. His company laid its foundation in the Swiss village of Kemptthal, near Zurich. They first produced wheat flours. It is believed that Julius Maggi was a visionary businessman. He had already predicted the impact of food items on the working volume of the people worldwide. In the 18th century, he observed that Women who traditionally prepared food for their families, now are largely seen in factories and working areas. So, he realized that they needed a food item which is nutritious and can be easily prepared in very less time. It was in 1882 that he met with a far-sighted doctor whose encounter literally transformed the future of the company.

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Dr. Fridolin Schuler believed that malnutrition is the main cause of high levels of disease and infant mortality. Also, nutritious meat can’t be afforded by people with meagre budgets. Therefore, they collectively came up with the idea of pulses which are rich in nutrition and easy to digest. So, Julius Maggi finally created a new type of flour made up of pulses. In 1885, he launched the first instant soups which were followed by the launch of Maggi seasoning in 1886. So, these products led to the immediate success of Maggi and it began to expand internationally in Germany, France, Italy, UK, and the US.

     Julius’s vision of capturing Brand’s Identity

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Mr. Maggi did a lot for capturing the Brand’s Identity. He registered his signature and variations of his name in various countries by 1900. For instance, in Switzerland only, he registered 18 different variations of his name, everything from Magi to Magique, to eliminate any such fraud with the use of the imitated version of Maggi. He invested a lot in advertising. It was one amongst the brand who use enamel placards which hung outside the grocer’s shop. He also employed young copywriters and painters like Leonetto Cappiello who is also known as “The Father of Advertising”. He even advertised the brand on public transport and railway carriages. Besides, he also invested in Maggi vans which gave free samples of hot soups and bouillons from silver urns on street corners.

                                     The most iconic product of Maggi

Maggi shaped his instant stock into a perfect cube and sold this by wrapping into the Brand’s characteristic colors. He named it Bouillon Cube and it later on, become the most demanded product of Maggi. This product earned so much fame that the competitors went on copying it furiously. Within few years, this product become so damn famous that it even appeared in a Painting by Cubist Artist, Pablo Picasso.

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The brand Maggi, when acquired by Nestle in 1947, made enormous growth. After this acquisition, Mr. Julius’s products were available almost everywhere around the globe. He ensured that the price of his products should remain affordable for everyone.

For him, nothing was too small to be deeply and fully examined

Julius Maggi truly justified these words.

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