5 Signs That You Are Sabotaging Your Life

Self-growth isn’t just a word in the dictionary that comes in a paragraph once in a while. It has become a prerequisite that needs to keep rewiring inside your mind. When growth becomes imperative, you stop sabotaging your life. You stop doing things that are hostile to your healthy growth. Why do some people not find peace even when they have everything in life? It’s because they keep sabotaging themselves, and most of the time, they have no idea about it.

Let’s dwell on these signs, which indicate that you are sabotaging your life for a moment to know why we face this issue.

What Does ‘Sabotaging Your Life’ Mean?

When you are sabotaging your life, you pull yourself away from all happy things. You invite negativity, anxiety, depression, constant pain, etc. into your life. This self-inflicted pain occurs when your meditated mind starts tussling with itself. It shuffles your attention from seizing your goals, resulting in disorganization. We start to construct a comfortable room for ourselves that we find hard to leave. Growth comes when you leave this comfort zone. Don’t make a home out of these self-sabotaging habits.

Therefore, before looking for a remedy, you first need to identify these signs that are sabotaging your life.

5 Signs That You Are Sabotaging Your Life

1. Overthinking Resides In Your Mind

When your mind isn’t in harmony with your body, that’s when you start sabotaging your life. The root cause of so much unhappiness is overthinking. Water your mind with positivity and see how it becomes fruitful, bearing vivid flowers of imagination. Overthinking undermines your growth, tarnishes your creativity, and infuses it with offhanded bad thoughts.

A Few Tips To Avoid Overthinking

  • Write your thoughts in a diary
  • Engage in hobbies you genuinely enjoy
  • Telephone your confidants/family and express your thoughts
  • Be aware of what your thoughts
  • Practice self-care

2. Following A Rigid Routine

Give yourself a break from the steadfast rules. A routine is intended to lead a disciplined life and not to wear you out from all the tasks. This persistent need to control all aspects of your lifestyle or perfectionism will lead your body to become stressed and spiral into illness. If you find yourself gasping for air or not able to take out a ‘me time,’ then it is a green light to let go of your routine before it becomes irrevocably hectic.

How To Relieve Me From It?

Do not make Hitler out of yourself. Let go of the unimportant things using The Eisenhower Matrix, which is a saviour for workaholics. When your body conjures fatigue, don’t retaliate with stubbornness; your body knows better. Make your favourite beverage and drink at a relaxed pace. Strictly avoid unnecessary calls or emails.

3. Procrastination Becomes Your Friend

Maybe Netflix and Chill is your favourite past-time, but are you doing it too often? Then, it is time to rethink your approach to things. There are many ways to kill boredom, but procrastination isn’t a good choice. At least, not every single time! If you start to procrastinate on every small thing, such as calling a friend, completing a small task, cleaning your surroundings, etc., you will find yourself on the fast track to self-sabotage.

For these things, though they may seem negligible now, they will come back to haunt you with a pile of impending work, hindering your important work in the future. There are many ways to prevent procrastination once you commit to yourself.

4. Incessant Partying

All your hard-earned money goes down the drain when you spend it on those extra drinks at the party. Partying is a good way to relieve work stress if it is done correctly. If you find yourself partying hard every Saturday night, or anytime your friends call, you need a reality check of what you are doing with your life. Don’t justify your actions by thinking that you deserve these carnal times. It becomes degenerate after a while. You waste your life by not accepting your responsibilities and spending your money as if it grows on trees.

5. Self-loathing

The archenemy of growth, as I would consider pointing out self-loathing is the biggest battle anyone could face. A human has a natural tendency to criticize himself/herself for their work. But if done healthily, it is called ‘constructive criticism,’ which brings the person out of his/her comfort zone and helps achieve realistic goals. You can never achieve your goals if you don’t overcome your fears. Self-loathing regresses your development as a person, cementing your identity as that of a shallow individual.

How Will You Tackle Self-loathing?

You are your biggest supporter. Start a holistic approach towards positivity by writing down your good qualities. Be open about the feelings you have internalized without having a fear of being left unheard. When a distant bad memory starts creeping into your mind, replace it with the good things you have achieved.

Honestly, these signs of ‘sabotaging your life’ are a reminder that you need to wake up from your dreamy world. It is a small glance of what your life will become if you are not considerate about today and how you are behaving. Identify these signs and utilize them to become a better person and use them as a ladder to climb towards your success.

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