• FactsLHC - Large Hadron Collider for discovering God Particle

    What Is So ‘Godly’ About God Particle?

    The universe beholds the ultimate truth about the whole existence of all the celestial activities starting from the tiniest particle, electron, to the millions of galaxies present in it. Therefore, there isn’t a doubt that for an insignificant race such as “Humans living on the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy” to know every mystery and activities going around…

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  • FactsIs The Moon Running Away From Us?

    Is The Moon Running Away From Us?

    Okay! you read that correct! The Moon is running away from the Earth, I guess its because of all the “Moon-children” creeping him away, or because it is just jealous that the Earth is so colorful and he isn’t, maybe they are fighting over a star or maybe the Moon is cheating on Earth OR it can have a scientific…

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  • FactsI Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    I Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    Before diving into the article on how to talk to the universe I want you to know two things which are as follows: Yes, you are going to read my version of THE SECRET. By talking I mean actually talking and having a real conversation with the universe! Let me explain. When you put a thought out in the universe…

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  • What Is A Black Hole? Explore More About It

    We all are aware of this new sensational news of black holes. Everyone is talking about the picture of the black hole and asking about others’ opinions on it, but do you know what a black hole is? or what made it occur? What is a Black Hole? (Image credit: BBC) Stars are an incredibly massive collection of hundreds of…

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  • HistoryOrigin Of Humans In The World

    Origin Of Humans In The World

    Human beings are the apex predators in the world today. The world wouldn’t be the same without human beings. But have you ever wondered, who was the first human being ever on the Earth? Let’s look at a few scientific facts about human beings: Fact: The word “human” generally refers to the species of the genus Homo. First humans ever Early…

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