• FactsI Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    I Will Teach You How I Talk To The Universe

    Before diving into the article on how to talk to the universe I want you to know two things which are as follows: Yes, you are going to read my version of THE SECRET. By talking I mean actually talking and having a real conversation with the universe! Let me explain. When you put a thought out in the universe…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Interesting Facts About Sneezing That Will Astonish You

    Facts About Sneezing Sneezing is a quick unplanned removal of air from the nose and mouth. It occurs due to irritation of one’s nostrils. Nostrils lining is sensitive. It reacts to dust, pollen, and animal fur, etc. When these irritants enter into our nose, our brain gets a signal to get rid of them. We sneeze. Via: Science ABC So,…

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  • Facts

    If You Think You Are An Atheist, Read This!!

    By atheist, the only thing that comes to our minds is someone who does not believe in the existence of God. No matter what their logic is, or what their reasons are, they do not happen to believe in any story related to God. If we go to the exact definition of the word Atheist, it says, “a person who…

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  • FactsTanot Mata Temple

    The Tanot Mata Temple Is The Divine Protector Of Indian Soldiers

    The Divine Protector Of Indian Soldiers At The Indian-Pak Border When Indians claim their faith in God, the opposite side screams their lungs out to prove them wrong. The debate on the existence of God is never-ending and highly inconclusive. But certain miracles make their appearances on this planet time and again to reinforce the Divine presence. One of the…

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