• LifestyleMyths and Superstitions that still exists in our society

    12 Myths and Superstitions That Still exists in Our Society

     India is a country where traditional myths and superstitions breathe comfortably next to technological advancement. We have sent rockets to space but we also try to alter our destiny using gemstones, have achieved milestones in the field of research but also get anxious if a black cat crosses our path. Jotted down are some of the age-old beliefs and totems…

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  • Health and WellnessIntermittent fasting

    All You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting (IF) is currently amongst the most popular health and fitness trends. Many people do this specifically for weight loss. What Is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is not a diet but a dieting pattern in which there is a window where you can eat, and there is a window where you have to fast. So, this method does not…

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  • Facts

    8 Amazing Use of Red Wine on the Body

    The health benefits of red wine have always been a debatable topic. However, some research shows that red wine (when taken in small quantities) can induce good sleep, relieve stress, promote heart health, and fight some forms of cancer. Thus, moderate consumption is key as heavy consumption can have adverse effects too. Image Source – www.canva.com In this post, we…

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  • HistoryAghoris

    Aghoris the Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    They live on Hindu cremation grounds, eat the left-out flesh of the human dead body, wear ash, and drink in a bowl made up of human skull. Yes, we are talking about the most revered and dreadful cult of Indian society; the followers of Lord Shiva – The Aghoris. The Aghoris And Their Origin Source: Daily Mail Once you go…

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  • FactsCorporate Learning From Ramayana: Important 5 Skills

    Corporate Learning From Ramayana: Important 5 Skills

    Even airing again after 33 years the show “Ramayana” became the highest viewed entertainment program globally. This Mythological and religious show gives us the code of conduct to lead a spiritual and disciplined life. But not just that, this great ‘Epic’ also gives us lessons for workplace settings like leadership, skills of management, and good governance. Ramayana also gives corporate…

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