Caravanning In Cold Weather

Australian holiday goers love caravanning. Traditionally this has been a summertime activity, but there are some good reasons why caravanners might choose to head out during wintertime. The cost of sites is usually lower during the cooler months, plus the crowds are down so it’s much easier to find that choice spot to make your temporary home in. If that’s not enough to convince you, most caravanners are also into fishing, and the winter is a great season to reel in some prize catches!

It might be that you’re just not accustomed to winter motorhome travel, and one major obstacle might be dealing with the cold weather, especially at nighttime when the temperatures can really drop. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by preparing some sensible improvements to your home away from home before heading out on the winter roads. First up is to install caravan diesel heaters, a highly effective way to heat any caravan, RV, or motorhome that runs cheaper than gas, is quieter, and doesn’t take up very much of your precious onboard space. This is a great way to stay toasty warm on those cold nights!

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing to go out on the road, and every caravanner should have a checklist to get ready for any season. Today we will focus on winter travel and give you a few more ways you and your family and friends can stay warm and cosy whilst out caravanning in the cold:

Put a coat on your caravan –

Many caravan awnings don’t have walls to create an enclosed area that can keep the wind off and the heat in during chilly times. Installing some retractable walls gives you the equivalent of an extra room, and blocks any cold breezes from blowing inside whenever someone opens the door! You can also wrap a draught skirt around so the wind and rain can’t reach from under the caravan. Another thing you can do to stay cosy is to throw some rubber flooring or mats down over the groundsheets for added warmth.

Pick a sunny campsite –

Since the grounds won’t be nearly as packed during winter as they are in summer, you will have a much wider range of choices for where to make camp. Look for a site that gets plenty of sun, especially in the morning, it will provide free heating all day long as your caravan absorbs the sun’s warmth that will last well into the cold of night.

Keep the chills away with a campfire –

This is an old-fashioned tried and true method for keeping warm, plus it’s a camping tradition- build a campfire in the evening for everyone to huddle around! The flicker of firelight makes hanging out with friends and family fun, plus it will warm you up so you can feel nice and toasty when you eventually hit the hay.

For more information on caravanning in Australia visit the Caravan Industry Association website. Stay warm!


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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