5 Things To Consider During RV Season

RV season is upon us, and it’s time to take a trip to some of the most beautiful vacation destinations. The best road trip with your RV that you have been awaiting is right here! But before you set out on the road, it’s important to consider some things that will keep you and your family safe in the RV. Planning the RV season ahead of time is the key to success. It ensures that you don’t wake up with unpleasant surprises.

There are many essential checks you should perform, but on this list, we look at the ways you can make your RV season worry-free.

So, keep reading to find out what the 5 things to consider during RV season are!

1. Check Tire Pressure

Check Tire Pressure
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Whenever you set out on a new journey, one of the most important things you need to do is check the tire pressure. Tires maintenance is also important to ensure safety on the road. When your RV is in storage or not on the road, the tires will lose about 2 or 3 PSI while resting. So, you must check the pressure as soon as you get the RV out.

This way, you can avoid blowouts on the road, which can become costly. The majority of tire blowouts happen because there is not enough pressure in your tires. When you make a pit stop after a long drive, check your tires – they should be hot, but they should all be about the same temperature. Tires that are properly inflated will increase your gas mileage by about 3 percent. Well-inflated tires also reduce the wear and tear of tires, making them last longer.

Tip: You can buy a tire management system. The system works as soon as you install pressure monitoring sensors on the tire’s air valve. These sensors transmit data about tire temperature and pressure to a monitor you can see while driving. Consider this a way to keep yourself extra safe on the road. If there is a problem with the tires, you’ll be alerted on the monitor.

2. Use A Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Use A Water Pressure Regulator Valve
Source: RVshare

A water pressure regulator valve is an absolute necessity because it regulates the volume of water entering your RV. When you connect to a new water source, you never know what pressure it comes at. Water from the city usually has high pressure, which can damage your plumbing. It can even cause hoses to snap, which can cause a flood. High water pressure is very damaging to your plumbing system and all the fittings. These can start to leak quickly.

Most RVs are fitted with copper or plastic fittings, which can withstand a maximum of 40 PSI. That’s why you need to install a regulator valve that will reduce the pressure of water coming in above 40 or 50 PSI.

When you check the water pressure regulator valve, also make sure to check the water pump, since it is responsible for providing your vehicle with water. Also, replace all the water filter cartridges if they are old.

3. Change Air Filter To Increase Gas Mileage

Change Air Filter To Increase Gas Mileage
Source: KOA.com

RVers are always looking to improve fuel efficiency. But, did you know that driving with a dirty air filter actually decreases your gas mileage? That’s why it’s essential to replace your old dirty air filter with a new one once in a while. But, it’s best to check the state of the filter before RV season. Replacing the old filter can increase your gas mileage by up to 10%. This means you’re going to save money on fuel, and the RV will run better and have cleaner air.

If you have a diesel engine, you probably have an ‘Air Restriction Indicator’ which alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced. If you have a gas engine, make sure to inspect the air filters every time you go in for an oil change.

How quickly the filters get dirty depends on where you drive, the climate, and your engine. It’s better to change air filters more often because they are the ones capturing pollen, dust, mold, and other allergens.

4. Running The Refrigerator

Running The Refrigerator

Most RVers prefer to have their fridge running all the time while driving. Sure, it’s important that your food doesn’t go bad, but the fridge doesn’t need to run all the time to cool the food.

It’s easy to just leave the fridge on, but this is not very safe. Driving with the propane on is not recommended. You need to turn off the fridge in certain situations because it is powered by propane, which is so flammable. States have certain laws that prohibit RVers from driving with the propane on, especially over bridges. If you are caught, you risk a hefty fine. But most importantly, keeping the propane on all the time is a safety hazard.

Here what you can do instead. Buy an inverter and run the fridge off of that. An inverter is pretty easy to install. Just make sure that you turn the inverter off before hooking up your RV to the RV park’s electric system.

5. Make Reservations Ahead Of Time

Make Reservations Ahead Of Time
Source: The New York Times

Campgrounds usually get booked months in advance, and finding spots can be harder than you think. That’s why you need to start planning your RV season well in advance. RV camping sites only accept a limited number of campers at a time, so you need to do your research and look for the most suitable campground for your family.

Tip: Never wing it or risk it. Always check out an RV camp’s amenities and facilities before you go there. Make sure they offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. Keep in mind that the next RV campground might be many miles away, therefore make sure you always have a booking before driving there.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
Source: Alaturka.info

Before the RV season, always perform a routine check-up on your vehicle to make sure it is functioning well. Then, be sure to plan your trips ahead of time and make the necessary reservations. The last thing you want is to arrive at a fully-booked campground that won’t let you camp there.


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