Know How The World Makes Its Bread

Bread is a staple in cuisines varying from around the world. But apart from the French baguettes, Polish bagels, Mediterranean pita, or Caucasian lavash, there are breads which are distinct in their ingredients, size, shape and also have a different style of cooking/baking. Some are wheat, corn or fruit-based while some are flat, long, or made into buns.

So are you ready to roll and know how people around the world make their bread?

Swedish Tea Ring, Sweden

Image credit: Instagram

This soft and fluffy ring is filled with sugar, spices, nuts, dried fruits and drizzled with a simple sugar glaze.

Focaccia, Italy

Image credit: Gimme some oven

Focaccia is an Italian flat oven-baked bread and has a texture similar to that of a pizza dough. This bread is heavenly herbed with rosemary, sprinkled with salt, a dash of olive oil and is often served as an appetizer or side dish.

Pan Dulce, Mexico

pan dulce
Image credit: The Cozy Kitchen

Pan Dulce or Sweet Bread is a Mexican pastry which includes various baked goods such as beso, bolillo, concha, cuernos, campechanas and much more. They are often eaten during tea time or some special occasions.

Anpan, Japan

Image credit: Chopstick Chronicles

These sweet Japanese rolls are stuffed with red, white and green bean paste, or even with sesame and chestnut cream paste.

Pão de Queijo, Brazil

Image credit: The Brazilian Kitchen

This small and baked cheese stuffed bonbon is a popular breakfast delicacy in Brazil. It is also called baked cheese roll or cheese bun.

Khachapuri, Georgia

Image credit: Simply home-cooked

This cheese-filled bread is a traditional Georgian dish where the crust is ripped off and dunked in a pool full of melted cheese and runny eggs.

Bara Brith, Wales

speckled bread
Image credit: Pinterest

Bara brith or speckled bread is a yeast bread and comprises flavored tea, spices and dried fruits. It is often sliced and buttered up and served during tea time.

Bammy, Jamaica

Image credit: Darn good veggies

Bammy or bami is a traditional cassava flatbread and served at any meal or eaten as a snack. It is often enjoyed by rural people.

Mantou, China

Image credit: Harumama

Mantou is a soft Chinese steamed bun with a sweet or savory filling inside. This popular bun is a staple of various Chinese people living in the northern part of China. In the southern region, Mantou is served in restaurants and is also regarded as a street food.

Dampfnudels, Germany

Image credit: Plate of Slate

Dampfnudels or steam-noodle is a little German dumpling which is eaten during a meal or as a dessert in Germany. Sometimes it is served alongside potatoes, mushrooms, soups and lentils in Bechamel sauce while it can also be served with a dollop of custard, jam or fruit.

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