Where Are All My Tequila Lovers At?

Do you like the sound of immersing yourself in unlimited tequila over the weekend? If yes, then welcome to the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Tequila, Mexico, which is a paradise for tequila lovers.

It is the only hotel in the world which outshines the boring breweries and vineyards by allowing its guests to eat, drink, sleep and almost dream about tequila.

But before you make any pour (pun intended) decisions and start planning for your next boozy vacation to Mexico, make sure you barrel below this itinerary and give it a shot.


Tequila, a borough in the Jalisco state of Mexico, is the birthplace and home of the popular alcoholic spirit tequila. But apart from the liquor production, this tiny town or pueblo mágico (magical town) is also famous for a number of distilleries, museums which hold exhibits and history of the drink and its widespread blue agave fields, agave being the main ingredient in the making of tequila.

How To Get In

By air: The Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) of Guadalajara receives a number of flights from Mexico and other international cities.

By road: Rental cars are available from Guadalajara to Tequila via Puerto Vallarta. The bus companies like Tequila Plus and Quick are also available from Guadalajara to Tequila. The 2-hour bus ride counts for 85 pesos and leaves from the Old Bus Station every hour or two.

By rail: The Tequila Express (which is in Amatitan) and the Jose Cuervo Express are guided tourist trains that take their passengers through the pueblo of Tequila. The train tour costs around 1000-1800 pesos and includes meals, free drinks, tequila tasting along with live mariachi music.


A number of hotels are available for tourists for accommodation in Tequila but being a typical tequila fan and getting to know more about your favorite spirit, tequila fans can spend their holidays by sleeping in giant tequila barrel-shaped suites offered by the Matices Hotel de Barricas.

The hotel is located within the La Cofradía distillery while the barrel rooms are nestled amongst the blue agave plants.

The hotel offers 30 different types of barrel rooms for their guests to choose from- Silver King, Barrica Aged King, Barrica Extra Aged King and Barrica Aged Double, each varying in size and price.

barrel room
Image credit: Booking.com
barrel room
Image credit: Booking.com

The spacious barrel rooms can be occupied by at least 2 people and they come with king or queen-sized beds, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, minibar, flat-screen TV, toiletries and more. The large curved glass windows are also a perfect spot for viewing the blue agave fields.

Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas
hotel bathroom
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas

A quick fun fact: The beautiful murals on the walls of each barrel rooms have a different story behind them.

The hotel also has a 15 feet deep underground restaurant called La Taberna del Cofrade, which offers homey hearty food for their guests.

underground restaurant
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas

The dishes hail from the five regions of Mexico, namely Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit and Tamaulipas giving the tourists a countryside vibe. They range from juicy shrimp to tender steak cooked in agave sauce along with agave pudding and much more. The bar at the restaurant also serves a number of tequila-infused cocktails.

Sightseeing And Other Attractions

Apart from aging in the barrel room, guests can actually stroll around the grounds by visiting the Museo de Sitio del Tequila, which holds the history of the amazing alcohol. So guests can book the museum tour in advance which includes complimentary breakfast, tequila tasting and other transportation facilities to visit the town of Tequila till midnight.

Guests can also sample the distillery’s extra-aged tequila selection along with mango, cinnamon, cocoa and other citrus-flavored tequilas.

Along with sampling the drink, guests can even get their hands on art by creating/customizing their own ceramic bottles by attending the Arte en Fuego ceramic factory workshop. Once finished, the staff then sends the bottle(s) to you back home after the completion of processes like baking and other finishing touches.

ceramic factory workshop
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas

A guided tour to the rusty distillery also gives the guests a closer look and immense knowledge on the fermenting, distilling and aging processes that are required for making tequila.

distillery tour
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas

Besides the distillery tour, guests can go horse riding in the midst of the agave fields or even take a bus to visit the town or go cycle on the grounds.

horse riding
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas
things to do in Tequila
Image credit: Cofradía 360 Tequila Jalisco
Image credit: Matices Hotel de Barricas

Lastly, it would be foolish to return home without a bottle or two, or maybe three, right? Hence for a cherry on the cake experience, guests can purchase tequila and other liquors from a nearby shop as souvenirs.

Best Time To Visit

Taking the weather conditions into consideration, you can visit Tequila from late April to early June.

Brownie Points

  • On arrival, the Matices Hotel de Barricas will welcome you with tequila shots.
  • The hotel is pet-friendly, thus you and your pet can enjoy the summer together.

Note: The rates often vary from company to company, but standard charge for one night is $170. For more information on hotel booking click here.

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