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  • FactsKnow How The World Makes Its Bread

    Know How The World Makes Its Bread

    Bread is a staple in cuisines varying from around the world. But apart from the French baguettes, Polish bagels, Mediterranean pita, or Caucasian lavash, there are breads which are distinct in their ingredients, size, shape and also have a different style of cooking/baking. Some are wheat, corn or fruit-based while some are flat, long, or made into buns. So are…

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    Our Ancient Roti Was Found In The History And Is Now World Famous

    “And so the meal is ready”, wait where is ‘ROTI’?  So now you can guess what place this chapatti holds in our everyday life. There is no meal that can be concluded as delicious unless there is roti served. “Chapatti” is something that marks the essence of our Indian culture. It is known by different names at different places –…

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  • All You Need To Know About The Origin Of Pizza

    Pizza! The name is enough to excite any individual. ‘Cause who doesn’t love pizza after all? Well, you have been eating pizza for quite a while now but have you ever wondered when, where and how this straight from heaven seeming dish come from? Well here’s all you need to know! via – images5.alphacoders.com The history of pizza dates back…

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