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23 Foods For Better Lung Health

Do you ever give a thought to how vital lung health is?

Ever thought of making healthy breathing passage a priority?

No? Or have you just not taken any action?

Now is the time that you take care of your respiratory systems, the lungs being a significant organ. When the lungs suck in air, some harmful elements like air pollutants also enter. These happen to increase the risk of specific problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. We need to take care of its health. And to do this, one needs to keep a watch on what we eat. Let us now look at the amazing foods that can lead to better functioning of the lungs.

23 Foods For Better Lung Health

1. Apples

Apples are high in antioxidants. Known to contain an antioxidant/phytonutrient known as quercetin (also found in onions) helps protect the lungs from the damaging effects of harmful pollutants.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are known to contain the antioxidant ‘lycopene’. Studies(a) have shown that people who eat more tomatoes are less prone to lung problems. Tomatoes also tend to repair the lungs.

3. Green Tea

We all know how good green tea is for our overall health. The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties reduces the risk of chronic diseases and proves to be highly beneficial to your lungs as well.

4. Whole Grains

Are you relying on white bread most of the time?

No more of that if you are concerned about your lung health and general health too. Instead, opt for healthier options like whole-wheat bread. Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, barley, etc., need to be a part of your daily diet. They are a rich source of Vitamin E and contain essential fatty acids. Besides, they too have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Also, they are rich in fibre. A fair deal!

5. Turmeric

Indians have been using turmeric to flavour their dishes and heal various ailments since time immemorial. Of course, it makes sense for turmeric, anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants, to be a great way to ensure lung health and overall health in general.

6. Add some Greens to your diet

Spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and other such leafy vegetables need to find a place on your plate. These contain chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, E, and K help support blood flow to the lungs. They are also known to have carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin) which act as antioxidants—these help lower inflammation.

7. Lentils

Lentils are wholesome foods that are reasonably priced and marvellous for your health. They also contain several nutrients that will work well toward lung functioning. These include magnesium, iron and the ever-important potassium.

8. Oranges

A good source of vitamin C, the phytonutrients present in them protect cells of the lungs. Eating an orange or drinking some fresh orange juice that is rich in vitamin C boosts immune health, and at the same time, it helps improve lung health.

9. Yoghurt

Being rich in calcium, phosphorous and potassium, a bowl of yoghurt is an excellent step towards taking care of your lungs as it will increase lung functioning.

10. Cocoa

Good news to all the dark chocolate lovers out here! Nibbling on that block of dark chocolate is veritably helping you take care of your lungs. Cocoa and its products are filled with antioxidants and contain theobromine which significantly enables you to relax your airways.

11. Cruciferous Vegetables

Under this category comes vegetables like Broccoli(b), Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower which contain a good amount of vitamin C. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C. We generally rely on external sources, and these vegetables are the best source.

12. Garlic

Garlic helps in the detoxification of the body. They are also known to have mild antiseptic properties, which help to reduce inflammation in the body. This contributes to improved lung health. Garlic is also known to lower cholesterol levels and help in fighting infection.

13. Ginger

Already seen this coming? Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it does wonders for your lungs. Ginger helps with the breaking down of mucus and relieves those dealing with asthma.

14. Oysters

Oysters are filled with nutrients that are key to maintaining the health of our lungs. Vitamin B and Zinc are the key factors, which are especially important for smokers with weak lungs.

15. Beetroots

Beetroots with their gorgeous red and delicious flavours are filled with nitrates that are amazing for your lungs. Not only are the beets themselves beneficial, but so are their greens! The greens are rich in magnesium, vitamin C and antioxidants. This way you can be cost-efficient, healthy and sustainable!

16. Peppers

Not the spice, but the red peppers, which are also often referred to as capsicums, are the next best thing you could do for your body. Peppers are continually hailed for their low calories and are deemed saviours by those seeking to lose weight in a healthy manner and vegans. Not only that, but being rich in Vitamin C, peppers can do wonders, especially if you are a smoker.

17. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are used in a variety of dishes. From India, where pumpkins are used in a host of curries such as sambars, this is a versatile ingredient to America’s pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are said to be rich in carotenoids which are a great help in maintaining lung health.

18. Blueberries

Blueberries are all over the internet. People use it in their smoothies, eat it with their yoghurt, use it as a topping with oats, freeze it, and consume it as a refreshing snack. Besides being full of nutrients, blueberries contain anthocyanins which are supposed to protect lung tissues. So the next time you are looking for a fruit snack, you know what to look for.

19. Cabbage

Mainly, red cabbage is an excellent source of anthocyanins, which, as mentioned above, are incredibly beneficial to your lungs as they prevent lung damage. What’s more, cabbages are also a great source of fibre, which is another valuable factor.

20. Seeds and Nuts

These are known to contain a good amount of magnesium, a mineral that aids healthy lung function. They also have a good amount of essential fatty acids.

Adding flaxseeds to your diet will be a good choice—a healthy source of vitamins that boosts your overall immunity and increases the supply of red blood cells.

21. Coffee

Good news for all coffee lovers. Research have found it helps improve lung function and protect against various diseases. Caffeine helps open blood vessels and, in turn, may help reduce symptoms in people with asthma.

22. Olive Oil

Olive oil is often thrown across in circles talking about health, beauty, and taste. Pasta sauce made with any other oil than olive does not do it. Mediterranian diets, being drenched in olive oil, are highly beneficial to smokers and improve the functioning of their lungs. Olive oil is also said to reduce the risks of asthma!

23. Water

Before you toss your phone or flip your laptop shut, I had to add water! Of course, I did. People ofttimes suggest that the solution is right beneath your nose, and in this case, it is correct. Water is the best method to detoxify your body, keep yourself hydrated and take care of your lungs! Keeping yourself hydrated and detoxified is the first step to preventing inflammation and other irritation, so get to drinking that magic liquid!


The lungs perform vital roles in our immune system. And being a part of this modern world, we are constantly exposed to pollution or cigarette smokes, or you can also add allergens. We need to look after our lung health, and this is in no way difficult! The foods mentioned above not only help with just that but are also highly beneficial to your body in general, so all you have to do is choose the one that is most accessible to you, or the one you like best, and get healthy!


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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