Nikitasha Boro

Bachelor’s in History while also having keen interest in anything involving writing and creative story telling. Due to being obsessed with reading since the discovery of thriller classics such as Agatha Christie, it made her into a part-time writer. Often called out for daydreaming about plot scenarios and plot holes!
  • Facts

    One Of The Last Existing Indian Matrilineal Societies

    We all know that in almost all of India the society in nature is Patriarchal. Even most state governments follow the patriarchal form of inheritance. People in our country have since a long time given first preference to male heirs and male family heads. This is not a surprising or unknown fact but it would be highly inappropriate to say…

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  • Fashionlevis_strauss-designer-jeans

    Poverty To Riches: True Journey Of The Designer Jeans!

    Via – Nowadays, jeans to us mean “a pair of long pants.” It is a type of garment made from denim or dungaree cloth. Jacob W Davis invented These pants aka “blue jeans” with association with Levis Strauss. Before these patented jeans, denim has been long in use to make various garments such as overalls and coats. Readers, you…

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  • Historyhistoric-love-stories

    A Study On Historic Couples Love Stories And Their Bloody Truth

    Haven’t we all read and re-read all of our favourite epic love stories? Didn’t we discuss the beloved characters in depth? At a certain point in all our lives, we must have wondered how it must feel to live such lives and experience such deep love and meet our “one true love”. May I warn you, dear readers, that such…

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  • Factsfan fiction podium

    Is Fan Fiction A Podium Of Opportunity?

    In the recent years, we have seen the making of a new genre of writing that includes the fan base of famous and popular books and novels. It may have started with the innocent thought of emulating one’s hero or star but ended up creating a platform for millions of people to try and improve their writing skills and creativity…

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  • FactsOdd Jobs

    The 7 Most Odd Jobs You Never Heard Of Before

    Most of us have had dreams of having the coolest or the best-paying jobs in our future, but as wise people have said, “Life doesn’t work that way bub!” People have to adjust, compromise or even work horrible jobs to pay the bills or for experience in your chosen fields but I can guarantee that there are a few jobs…

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