How to End Your Marriage

The decision to end your marriage likely wasn’t easy. If you feel like you’ve got nothing left to give, your problems can’t be resolved, and you no longer feel happy in the relationship, parting ways is likely the best option for you and your husband or wife.

Yet, you might dread telling your partner that you want to separate and possibly seek a divorce. If you need assistance broaching the conversation, read the following advice on how to end your marriage.

Contact a Dependable Divorce Solicitor

Your first instinct might be to ask your husband or wife for a divorce. However, it’s an intelligent idea to contact reputable divorce solicitors first to protect your future. A divorce will finalize the end of your marriage, but you may face challenges during the process that you’ll want to avoid, such as financial demands, child custody, and more. Seeking legal advice will help you identify the most sensible steps to take for your assets, finances, child custody, and legal proceedings.

Have a Conversation Away from Your Children

Once you’ve spoken to a divorce solicitor, you need to inform your partner that you want to separate. If you’ve got children, consider requesting a conversation with your husband or wife when they’re not present, such as when they’re visiting grandparents or during school hours. It will protect your kids from overhearing their mom or dad’s intense emotions, such as angry outbursts or crying.

Be Direct and Firm

If you know in your heart your marriage is over, you must make your feelings clear to your partner. Unless they feel the same way, they may suggest attempting to save your relationship. For this reason, you must be direct when stating how you feel to ensure they know that your mind is made up. 

Avoid mixed messages to help your husband or wife accept the marriage is over and speed up the healing process for you both. False hope will only extend your partner’s pain and suffering, and the confusion will add to your stress and sadness.

Try to Remain Amicable

Ending a marriage is bound to be painful for you and your partner, even if it’s your decision to part ways. An amicable separation will not only speed up the healing process, but will prevent a great deal of stress and heartache along the way.

When sitting your partner down to discuss ending your marriage and possibly pursuing a divorce, you must remain calm, collected, and understanding of their feelings. Try to create a plan on how you’ll move forward, such as informing your children together, how you’ll separate your assets, and organize your finances. A calm, honest, and productive chat could protect you and your partner from significant pain in the long term and may even help you to remain friends.

Ending your marriage will likely be one of the most painful moments of your life. Yet, it’s essential to go your separate ways if you no longer see a happy future together. Splitting up may not be easy, but it could lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle for both of you.

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