How to Organize a Conference

It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a massive corporation, the decision to organize an event the likes of a conference can represent a daunting task even for the most competent managers out there. Still, this is a wonderful opportunity for networking, getting your employees together, building your company image, or simply celebrating a new chapter in your professional life. As such, a properly organized conference requires detailed planning, communication with a range of different participants, and of course, branding to make your business stand out.

If this is your first conference so far, here are a few suggestions as to how you can turn an ordinary event into a blast of a success that all of your guests will talk about for days after it’s done!

Don’t go it alone

Even if you try, you’ll find it to be too cumbersome to do it properly. It is best to start assembling a trusted team of people who share your enthusiasm for your event. Even a small group of people can delegate all the tasks effectively among themselves and successfully organize the conference without too much hassle, as long as you can communicate openly. You must share the vision of why you’re setting up the event to begin with.

For example, you’ll need a dedicated strategic team to come up with a detailed plan of how the event should be organized, the best venues at your disposal, and the budget you’ll need. Then you should build a marketing team to notify your digital following as well as your customers and partners. Finally, a few people should handle the on-site chores such as signing in people that come, handing out brochures, manage the wardrobe, etc.

Tease your guests’ palate

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The content of your conference matters. That refers both to the educational speeches and the menu. Serving subpar drinks and a poor selection of snacks may result in your guests leaving prematurely, or at the very least cause some snarky comments that will deter the focus form the main events. After all, you want your guests to feel taken care of. The food and drinks you serve are a significant portion of that. If you want to turn your conference into a stellar success, let famous New York conferences inspire your own decisions.

For example, relying on professional catering in NYC has become a must for companies of all sizes to impress their guests with authentic, delicious canapes and cocktails. Follow in their footsteps and find a reliable partner to deliver tantalizingly tasty delicacies and sips to impress your guests. Give them something to talk about while they wait for the next scheduled lecture.

Brainstorm the best theme

Although your brand name might be enough to gather relevant people for an event, you should still plan the conference around a unified theme. That way, you can give your guests something to think about as they wait for the actual event. That will inspire them to get educated on the topic and find a way they can participate. This way yiu make sure the interest rises in the groups that are relevant for the event itself.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your brand to promote your key values. Add to that, you will use the theme to customize your invites. Choose the right speakers and workshops. Devise a communication strategy for your social media networks to spread awareness and get people talking about the topics. Promotion is a big part of organization, so get to it!

Ensure the finest entertainment

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Today, no conference should limit itself to strictly professional speeches and lectures only. In fact, by giving people time to mingle, chat, and enjoy good food and music, you’ll actually make your event an even greater success. Fill that mingling time with some entertainment options. You might provide your guests with additional opportunities to bond, laugh, and make memories.

For example, a conference with a guest stand-up comedian is a good way to keep things interesting. Then again, a band in the lounge area will keep your guests entertained if they wish to attend some workshops while they’d gladly skip the others. Setting up game areas where your guests can win prizes is another chance to keep them engaged. This will also promote your brand through useful gifts that carry your logo or your slogan.

Think Virtually!

Lastly, with everything going on around the world right now it may seem impossible to plan a conference and get your entire team together. However, this is not the case if you remember to think virtually! Companies all across the globe have been taking advantage of hosting virtual conferences that allow their team to stay safe while still bringing everyone together. Some companies have even incorporated team bonding with virtual escape games from Escapely. While we are all looking forward to when we can all be together in person again, it is never too late to begin planning a virtual conference in the meantime.

No conference needs to be a dull congregation of people with nowhere else to be at that moment. Use your imagination, be creative. You’ll find a multitude of ways to set up an authentic event that will bring people together. This will help you educate your audience and raise awareness of your business.

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