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The Perfect Nail Shape For Your Finger Type!

Nail shape is what makes your hand look more flattering. But finding the perfect nail shape for your finger type can be a task. However, here’s where we sweep in! Your nail shape is the foundation for great hands. And this is what every manicurist will tell you. It will also enhance your color of choice and design for your manicure. Making your hands appear more attractive. Below we have brought together nail shapes that will suit your hands the best. Happy reading!

Before deciding the shape for your fingers, it is essential to know about the different nail shapes and identify your finger type. Although there are a significant number of shapes and designs that come up according to the trends, however, there are a few basics. These are round, oval, almond, and coffin. To come with the best style for you, you need to take into consideration a few things like your finger shape, nail length, and nail bed width.

Round Nail Shape

The round-shaped nail is the basic shape. This shape does not require any effort. It mirrors the other end of your nail with a circular tip. It is filed in a way like the arch of a perfect circle.

For the appearance of longer fingers, but with shorter nails, the round shape is the one for you. Round nail shapes have a short length, with a natural curved edge. This shape is the one for fingers which are short and wide. Round nails subtly give the illusion of elongated fingers. It helps in making wider nail beds look smaller and more extended. However, if you have narrow nail beds, you can opt for round nail shapes too! It is a classic and versatile shape that is easy to access and effortless. This hassle-free shape is perfect for people who don’t have much time to fuss over their nails but would still want a more polished look.

Round nail shapes help in elongating fingers, for a narrower and thinner look. Perfect for people with short and wide finger types!  

Almond Shaped Nails

Almond nail shapes have slimmer sides, which taper towards the edge and have a rounded tip, much like an Almond. This shape is preferable with longer nails. Longer lengths with this type look more flattering and are to avoid short lengths. Although this chic form won’t work on short nails, it does look lovely on longer lengths. It suits best with longish and thinner nail beds. Almond nail shapes are ideal for long, but wide fingers creating the look of slimmer hands.

Furthermore, it is also suitable for people with short fingers. The longer nail gives the illusion of extra length. Almond nail shapes go best with grounded hands that have wider palms and short fingers.  

Square Nail Shape

Similar to round shaped nails, square-shaped nails can go with shorter nails. Anyone who dislikes long nails can go for this look. However, the shape looks more flattering if you have long and narrow nail beds. The square nail shape has straight edges with a squared-off tip. It appears sleek and stylish. People who go for shorter nail lengths can go for this style! It is a perfect nail shape for those with hands and long fingers. The shape gives a subtle illusion of wider hands and is less breakable. For people with long nails and long palms, this is the best nail shape for you. And mind it, you are lucky! Low maintenance and easily manageable.

Coffin/Ballerina Nail Shape

For people who love long nails, this shape is the one for you. The nail replicates the form of a coffin and a ballet slipper. It has narrow nail beds, with a square tip. It is a sophisticated and edgy design, which looks flattering to most. But only the nails which are long and sturdy can survive. Brittle nails cannot take responsibility for the coffin nail shape. One of the best forms for long nail lovers and those with narrow nail beds is the coffin shape.

The coffin shape is best suited for those who have broad palms and long fingers, mostly known as piano hands. This look is achievable by filing the nail with a flattened tip from a sharp point. A square palm, with elongated fingers, goes best with the coffin nail shape.

Before you go on to get that perfect shape for your finger type, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your hand type, by taking into account the length of your palm, its proportion, and the length of your fingers. Furthermore, after you have decided what looks best, it is essential to take care of your nails, keeping in mind its nourishment and growth. Have fun!

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