The Guide to Choose A Stunning Wedding Dress

One of the most exciting moments is the choice of the wedding dress because surely you want to look amazing on your wedding day. The wedding dress is one of the main elements in weddings, and that you will surely love to see, it is your opportunity to make a style statement and pamper yourself with a piece that you choose carefully.

To guide you a bit in this wonderful process we share these simple tips to know how to choose your wedding dress:

1. Define the style of your wedding

Before choosing the wedding dress, you should be clear about some aspects of your wedding such as where it will take place, whether the season of the year, it will be outdoors or in a closed space, day or night the style of the wedding, how formal or casual it is, etc. All these influences to choose a dress that goes according to the style of your wedding. If you can’t confirm your wedding dress style, you can visit an online fashion store Ombreprom.

2. The perfect moment

Don’t leave it to the last! They say that the indicated time to look for a wedding dress is between 6 to 9 months because it allows you to try on dresses calmly, think about your decision and that it arrives, to begin with, the alterations. You don’t want to be pressured that it doesn’t look good before your big day.

3. Choosing who will accompany you

You may want to go choose your wedding dress with your mother, sisters, cousins, friends or even alone. Consider that the people who accompany you should help you, and not be more confused, look for people who know you and have a positive attitude. If you tend to feel pressured when listening to many opinions, go only with 1 or 2 people, and once you have decided you can invite someone else to a test. Remember at all times that it is you who just love it.

4. Know your body shape

First of all, find out which cut is most flattering for your figure based on your silhouette. We reveal the most flattering according to each body type:

  1)Round body: the best are dresses with a high waist, an empire cut, and a flowing skirt. As for necklines, the most flattering is the sweetheart neckline.

  2)Hourglass body: thanks to this balanced figure you can opt for any type of dress, especially mermaid cut.

  3)Inverted triangle body: on this occasion, designs with volume at the hips and box necklines.

  4)Rectangle body: Opt for designs fitted at the waist, V-neckline, and bare shoulders.

  5)Triangle body: bet on an A-line or princess-cut dress and also with a V-neckline.

5. Find a dress that makes you happy

One mistake you can make is choosing a wedding dress that you don’t like to please someone else. This is a mistake. When trying on the dress you should assess if you like that dress, not if your mother or your boyfriend will like it…… it is the best advice!

6. The importance of fitting the dress

The dress tests are most useful to corroborate the choice of design that you have made. It is essential that you are safe, comfortable, and feel yourself. Bring one or two trusted people to advise you and help you choose every detail.

Walk with it, sit down, dance without fear, wave your arm…… If you can do it all and you feel the most favored, you have undoubtedly come up with the perfect design.

7. Always reflect your personality

Follow trends, but do not dress up, discover in detail only those that go according to your style and personality. What kind of girlfriend do you want to be? Classic, in which tradition triumphs, romantic, with small details that make a difference; vintage, with pieces with a history that do not go unnoticed or modern, with daring touches that attract attention.

8. Think of a complete look

When choosing the dress, think about how you want your complete wedding look to look, from the dress to the hairstyle, accessories, makeup…… everything must form the perfect combination that reflects your tastes.

What matters is that you enjoy every moment and that you manage to find a wedding dress that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and reflects you. Don’t worry about anything else, you are sure to look stunning!

At Ombreprom we offer you a wide variety to choose from so you can choose the ideal dress. Go and have a look!

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