• FactsFingers get wrinkly

    Now You Will Know Why Your Fingers Get Wrinkly In Water?

    Everyone loves playing with water. Spending hours in a pool or the shower is one of the most enjoyable things to do. But whenever we spend a large amount of time in the water, our fingers and toes get wrinkly. Have you ever wondered why? A LAYER OF GLANDS Do you know! Our skin has a layer of sebaceous glands.…

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  • Factsbaby think about

    What Does Your Baby Think About?

    Being a new parent is tough. You have to be there for your baby to fulfil his every need and the only clue you have to the solution is observing his/her nature. Here are a few questions that parents tend to wonder about their little one. Can babies tell the difference between their mom and dad? via By 3…

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  • Health and WellnessProtein

    Let’s Talk Protein: How Much do You Truly Need

    Protein intake is essential for good health. You need it to grow and develop, to gain muscles, to make enzymes, blood, antibodies, etc. Many athletes are aware of the importance of protein intake and sometimes intentionally overdose with intake (extra protein can help some bodybuilders to bulk up) but when it comes to the rest of us – we have…

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