Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Your Body

A human body is the most magical thing on this planet. Here’s a list of some of the most fascinating facts about the human body that you’ve probably never even heard of.


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Fact 1:

There is a single part of our human body that doesn’t have any blood supply. This part is the cornea which is present in the eye. It directly takes atmospheric oxygen.

Fact 2:

The nerve impulses which are sent from the brain move at a very high speed. Its speed is 274 km/h on an average.

Fact 3:

Our heart pumps about 182 million liters of blood in an average lifetime.

Fact 4:

The heart of women beats faster as compared to the heart of a man.

Fact 5:

The people who write with their right hand are more likely to live at least nine years more than the people who write with their left hand.

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Fact 6:

Out of millions of people, only 7% are left handed.

Fact 7:

A person says around 5000 words in a day.

Fact 8:

A neo nettle has an ability to swallow and breathe both at the same time till seven months.

Fact 9:

The human skull has around 29 different bones.

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Fact 10:

Almost 5,000 cells in our body die and get replaced by new cells every minute.

Fact 11:

When a person blushes, his stomach also turns into red color.

Fact 12:

720 enzymes are in the active state in a human body.

Fact 13:

Apart from teeth, all the human body parts have self-healing property.

Fact 14:

Even 1% of bacteria can make your body sick.

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Fact 15:

Until death, a person can recall, about 120 trillion data.

Fact 16:

The umbilicus is the scientific name of the belly button.

Fact 17:

The human body needs less than seven minutes to fall asleep.

Fact 18:

You won’t even know and you will eat eight small spiders accidentally in a lifetime.

Fact 19:

In case of identical twins, if one twin doesn’t have a certain tooth, it will be absent in the other one too.

Fact 20:

A neo nettle’s body has more bones as compared to an adult.

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Fact 21:

Human lungs have a surface area almost equal to the area of a tennis court.

Fact 22:

Women’s eyes blink two times less than that of a man.

Fact 23:

A person remembers only 10% of their dreams.

Fact 24:

Sperm cells are the smallest cells in a man’s body.

Fact 25:

The smell of bananas is helpful in losing weight.

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Fact 26:

Our brain possesses more than four terabytes of memory capacity.

Fact 27:

The rate of human respiration gets one ⅓ time higher in spring as compared to that in autumn.

Fact 28:

Human brain generates higher electrical impulses daily. These impulses are generated more than the telephones in the whole world.

Fact 29:

The only living thing that sleeps on their backs is human beings.

Fact 30:

The human body has almost 2 kg of bacteria.

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Fact 31:

There are only a few people who can move their ears out of which, ⅓ can only move a single ear.

Fact 32:

Blonde’s facial hair grows faster than that of a dark-skinned person.

Fact 33:

A four-year-old kid asks almost 480 questions in one day.

Fact 34:

In a human body, 99% calcium is present in the human teeth.

Fact 35:

After the tips of a human finger, lips are the most sensitive part of the body.

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Fact 36:

Our skin gets replaced almost 1,500 times in a lifetime.

Fact 37:

During a kiss, heartbeats almost 100 times in a minute or even more.

Fact 38:

If hair were allowed to grow for a lifetime, the length would become 800 kilometers.

Fact 39:

When the body loses 1% water, we become thirsty. The loss of 10% water can even cause death.

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Fact 40:

We lose 150 calories when we hit our head accidentally against the wall.

How many of these fascinating facts did you know about?

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