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15 Signs You Are An Introvert Personality

Were you one of the quiet and thoughtful ones at school or in your friend group?

Does the thought of socializing and meeting new people not sound like the best idea to you?

Do you find yourself longing for some time by yourself?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, chances are, you might be an introvert.

In recent years, the fascination with introverts has risen tremendously. People are often eager to find out about their personality types but are often confused by various aspects.

What does ‘Introvert’ mean?

This term came to light in the 1960s when Psychologist Carl Jung described the personality type “Introversion”. 

According to the American Psychological Association, the word means – turning inwards. That is, an introvert is someone who is mostly quiet and reserved and thoughtful. And for your information, almost 30-40% of the population is introverted. Also, introversion has nothing to do with shyness or mental illness. It’s just a personality type.

If you have doubted yourself or your close one to be an introvert, but don’t know how to identify it, here is a list of things most introverts relate to completely. Maybe you are an introvert; identifying yourself is the first step before thriving.

15 Signs You Are An Introvert Personality

1. Your Inner Monologue Is Ever Running

“Gosh, I shouldn’t have said that thing that I did a year ago”.

“What to do if I need to interact with strangers?”

If these types of thoughts meddle with your mind, you might be an introvert. Introverts mainly live in their heads. Daydreaming, imagining upcoming conversations and the wildest situations, lest they find themselves unprepared. Experiencing inner talks is frequent and calming to an extent.

2. Alone Time Is The Best Time

Do you most often crave my time/alone time?

Instead of going to parties, do you like spending time at home, playing games or reading, or maybe hanging out with a select few?

If so, then you might be an introvert. For this personality trait, Netflix and Chill mean precisely what the words convey. They can spend hours and hours being thoughtful and doing something they like. In other words, alone time energizes them.

3. Writing Is Your Weapon

Do you often find it comfortable to write down your thoughts rather than to speak them out loud?

Introverts find it best to express what they feel in writing because, while writing, they can analyze things better. It gives them time to reflect. The plethora of thoughts in their head often helps them perceive things from a different perspective. A plus point is, that it certainly makes their writing game stronger.

4. Love-hate Relationship With Your Phone

Finding yourself staring at your phone screen while it rings away? “Why are they calling?”, “Maybe I can text them instead.”, “When is this phone going to stop ringing!!!’

Sometimes, these are common thoughts, even if all they are doing is lying on the bed, accessible on all counts. You are avoiding calls from even the closest friends and family members. Not intentionally, but simply because you are not prepared to take that call.

5. Partying And Meeting New People Is Not Your Thing

Parties are not their thing. And even if they do like parties, they have no intention of making new friends. Introverts are usually way more comfortable with your small friend circle.

Do you know many people but are friends with only a few?

Introverts most often do not socialize. At a superficial level, they might know many people. But they have a tiny group when it comes to being true friends. Choosing friends with careful consideration is their ‘thing’. Friendships are most significant and profound for introverts; not everyone is welcome to know them in any absolute sense.

6. A Keen Observant

Do people often tell you that you notice and observe things keenly?

Suppose you notice the slightest of details that others don’t, welcome to the group. According to studies, introverts are highly tuned into space, colors, and such; a visual artists of sorts; their brain activity tends to increase while processing visual information.

In simple terms, being described as a “wallflower” is a huge indicator of one’s introverted ways.

7. A Loner In A Crowd

Ever felt like an outsider in crowds?

That’s fine; introverts usually enjoy their own company. They are not anti-social but rather selectively social. People who feel like loners in crowds, maybe because they cannot hear their inner monologue, or perhaps because they don’t have the energy. 

It can be exhausting in a group, especially a crowd of strangers, because it becomes challenging to be themselves, leaving them feeling lonely and misunderstood.

8. An Old Soul

Observing things, taking a lot of time to understand some specific information, and thinking before you speak to make others believe that you are wiser. Your strong analytical power makes you seem more intelligent than the rest. 

Being ‘wiser’, you don’t talk as much as the crowd, rendering you labeled an introvert. It is a Catch-22 of sorts. If you’re an old soul, people assume you are an introvert; and if you are an introvert, people are led to believe that you are wise beyond your years, which is not a bad deal.

9. You Are All Ears, No Talk

Introverts are always considered to be good listeners. Listening doesn’t mean just responding in return, but truly understanding the subject at hand and giving the best advice possible.

Introverts value listening profoundly and will always be there to listen to you. But when it’s their turn to talk and share, there’s the challenge.

10. People Assume You Are Shy

Introversion has nothing to do with shyness. Though most of us are confused about this.

Were you ever told that you needed to come out of your shell? That you need to interact more. In this case, you’re probably an introvert. You choose not to interact because you prefer alone time or the company of those you trust. 

When you are shy, you don’t have an option because you are afraid to interact with others; being introverted, you choose whom you want to communicate with, and it has nothing to do with your social skills in general.

11. Audience Participation Is A Big NO!

Can there be anything more horrifying than being singled out in a crowd, completely unprepared?

Attending a show as a spectator is fine, but when you are asked to come on stage to participate, it is game over.

Even the mere thought of this gives you the chills. Being the center of attention is not your idea of a fun event.

12. Socialising Leaves You Exhausted

If you think of socializing as a Herculean task that is energy-consuming, you know the drill.

Introverted people find themselves completely burnt out and exhausted after a period of socializing.

13. You Feel ‘Fake’

This isn’t about you, not understanding who you are, or anything profound. You find yourself being ‘fake’ if ever you need to interact with strangers and people you don’t know too well. You feel like you are putting on a show to make yourself seem more likable and normal.

14. You’d Rather Work Alone Than In A Group Setting

It doesn’t excite you to work in a position that requires constant communication with people. The reason you would rather spend your time alone is because you like to write, code, and design graphics on your own.The reason you prefer working by yourself is that you think more clearly alone.

15. You’re A Good Listener

Due to their tendency to be reserved, introverts often don’t mind when the other person takes the lead in conversation. Introverts are willing to lend a sympathetic ear to those who need to vent their frustration or work through a personal problem. Today, where most people are constantly sharing content online, people prefer to relax with someone who actually listens.


Understanding what type of personality you have is key to learning how to thrive. If you relate to most or all of these points, the high chances are that you’re an introvert. Introverts are just built differently, strong in their way.

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