Sapiosexuality A Lust For The Human Mind

Are you the type of person who is more fascinated by someone’s bookshelf than anything else? Do your synapses torrid by intelligent swordplay and sensory pathways overstimulated by a piquant bon mot? Well, now you can describe yourself as SAPIOSEXUAL.

It is a new cliché, seeping its way up from the world of the usual sexual orientations. Specifically, another person’s brain power is the major basis of the attraction.

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Sapiosexuality is a neologism, which signifies merely an attraction towards intelligence, above anything else. It comes from the Latin words sapiens, meaning wise or intelligent, and sexualis, concerning sexuality.

Just the way someone identifies self as homosexual or heterosexual, being a sapiosexual isn’t something that you intend to choose. It is an innate attraction to a fellow smart human being. Moreover, the orientation is genderless.

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Some beings may be attracted to other person’s social or emotional intelligence; while others to educational or intellectual intelligence.

The idea has been quietly attaining traction over the course of time. However, some critics describe sapiosexuality to be ablest, that is discriminatory. Because intelligence, as known, comes in varied forms. Be it musical, natural, intra-personal, or any other kind. The newly coined sexual orientation has prompted a consequential recoil on social media. Many claim it to be pompous, reductive, and insulting to people with disabilities.


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  • Finding someone attractive instantly is a tough job for you. Because the mind, and not physical attributes attract you. Hence, you need to know if the person is of strong and varied intellect.
  • Also, you prefer a good and healthy conversation over any other romantic session.
  • A person who is intellectually stimulating, whom you can have a heated debate with, and who has a logical thought process is what attracts you the most.
  • You look for a partner with a zest for things such as knowledge, wit, worldly perspectives, learning, and discussion. Rather than status, finances, and looks.
  • Furthermore, you cannot put up with a person who uses a bad grammar. A mispronounced word, misspelling, or a blank stare sometimes wither all the signs of attraction.
  • Additionally, you tend to communicate and connect better.

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