How To Look Best In A Suit.

What could be a better dress choice than a suit to wear on a special occasion or event? A suit can only make every man look good and have a personality with precise tailoring and dressed in a way that looks best. For instance, the best suit colors to go for are charcoal and navy blue. Before you wear another suit on your next event, you need proper knowledge on it which you can acquire with the useful tips below.

Stylish Dress Shirt

True, the suit is the most important thing to discuss here but let’s start with the shirt underneath because it holds as much importance. You will make a statement with the best suit but a good quality dress shirt should also be present to make those eyes turn faster. Invest in a shirt that is standard quality. Check the collar to be firm and the buttons and the stiching to be on point. As for the color, white, skin or cream seem to be the safe ones. You can also design your suit with brightly colored dress shirts on informal events to look extraordinarily dashing. And also make sure the shirt cuffs adjust above the hands with no sign of the wrists.

Length of the Pants and Jacket

You might have always wondered as to what should be the length of your jacket or pants when to put on a suit. Let us tell you the secret to a perfectly fitting suit. Wear pants that end at your feet. They should be no longer than that or shorter to show off your dress socks. As for the jacket, make sure that it is till the knuckle of your thumbs.

Button, Unbutton

Whenever there is a chance for you to wear a suit at a formal or an informal event, ensure that you carry it well. If you wear it right, all eyes will be on you, but if you do it wrong, you can become the target of negative critics. To achieve this task you have to keep in mind to always button up only the middle button of the jacket. It there are two buttons, close the first one only. Always unbutton when sitting down.


This part of a suit is the most crucial to fit right. As your shoulders will be the focal point of every eye, you need to get them right. When you go to buy yourself a suit, validate that the shoulders are a perfect fit. They shouldn’t be falling off your shoulders neither should they be smaller than them to make it difficult for you to stretch your arms.

Tie or Bow?

Whether you wish to wear a tie or a bow is on you; however some events can especially call for them bows which you need to be ready for. If there is a special dress code (black tie) or an event is a pretty formal one, you must go with a bow tie. You can search for best bow ties to buy by quality and color. Choose a darker color than your suit as the rule is with a necktie. Bow ties make you stand out more so be sure to wear them on events where you want to be noticed. It would look better with a double-breasted suit.

On informal occasions, you can relax with a necktie. If you go with a necktie, it should end above the belt buckle.

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