8 Tips for Moving to Another City with Your Kids

Moving is always a challenge. The process can be stressful when moving across town or to a whole new city. However, when you’re moving with kids, the complexity levels can rise exponentially. 

This is true irrespective of whether you’re moving to a rented home or one you purchased. For example, cities like Houston and Dallas have relatively low owner-occupied homes, 42.5% and 41.4%, respectively, according to the US Census Bureau. So, if you reside in these cities, odds are you’re moving to a rented home, and you need to make sure that you have your landlord ready the apartment or house for your arrival. 

That, however, is just one step you need to follow during the moving process. Thus, to help you with the process, especially when moving with your kids, we’ve highlighted 8 tips. So, let’s take a step forward and figure out how to make this difficult move into a fun family adventure.

1. Hire Experienced Movers

It can be challenging to relocate from Houston, with its population of 2.3 million, to Dallas, where approximately 1.3 million individuals reside. Challenges include long drives, traffic jams, and unpredictable weather in these big Texan cities, separated by about 240 miles. Hiring professional movers makes a difference. Ensuring a smoother transition, they handle your belongings carefully, save time, and help take the stress off the move. 

Think of Houston to Dallas movers as your moving-day superheroes, swooping in to take the weight off your shoulders, literally and figuratively. They provide peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on the emotional well-being of your family during this significant life change.

2. Understand the Importance of Preparation

When moving with kids, preparation and communication are crucial. Discuss the upcoming move, framing it as an exciting adventure. Be open about the reasons behind the move, answer their questions, and validate their concerns. Such dialogue goes beyond packing boxes—it readies their minds for this significant change, easing anxiety and preparing them for this new chapter in their family’s journey.

3. Research the New City 

As your family gears up for the move, you must familiarize yourselves with your new city. Learn about the latest city’s vibrant culture, key landmarks, and special school districts. Harness the power of the internet for your research. Visit community blogs, use local websites, and even engage with social media groups. 

This exploration helps create a mental map and picture of life in the new city, adding an element of familiarity to the unknown. It’s like opening the door to your new home, one fact at a time, creating a sense of connection even before you arrive.

4. Visit the New City Before the Move

Plan a visit to the new city before the big move. It’s like a sneak peek into your future life and a fantastic opportunity for your kids to experience the city firsthand. Show them their future school, your new neighborhood, and a few fun spots around town. 

This pre-move visit helps change the perception of the move from a scary unknown to an exciting new adventure. This new city is a home awaiting their arrival rather than an intimidating, unfamiliar city. So, pack a small bag, jump in the car, and let your family’s adventure begin early!

5. Involve Kids in the Moving Process

Involvement is empowerment. When kids actively participate in the moving process, it can turn a potentially stressful situation into an empowering and fun one. Begin with something simple, such as letting them pack their belongings. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to take charge, choose what they want to take along, and say goodbye to things they’ve outgrown. 

Take it a step further and let them plan the décor of their new rooms. Perhaps a dash of their favorite color on the walls? A new bedspread with their favorite cartoon character? Small decisions like these can generate excitement and give them something to look forward to. 

Involving your kids in the moving process is like offering them a compass in a storm. It gives them control, reduces their anxieties, and makes the whole journey much more enjoyable.

6. Maintain the Routine

Maintaining a sense of normalcy can work wonders for your kids amid the hustle and bustle of moving. Yes, you are moving cities, but your children’s world doesn’t have to turn upside down. Keep their daily routines as stable as possible. 

Regular mealtimes, consistent bedtimes, and everyday activities provide comfort during this change. If Friday night is usually movie night, keep it that way. If sleep always involves a story, make sure you’ve packed a few favorite books in your essential items bag. 

Maintaining routines amidst the chaos is like an anchor in a sea of change, providing your children with a sense of security and familiarity. After all, amidst the excitement and disruption, a bit of business as usual is a soothing balm for young hearts and minds.

7. Planning the Moving Day

Moving day is finally here! Preparation is paramount. A well-thought-out checklist is your best ally—it’s your roadmap, ensuring nothing important gets overlooked. Pay special attention to essentials – snacks, toiletries, chargers, and especially kids’ favorite toys or comfort items. These things should be readily available, providing convenience and comfort during the transition. 

Think of your moving day checklist as an orchestra conductor, seamlessly coordinating various elements to ensure a harmonious relocation symphony. So, when the day arrives, you’re not scrambling around but stepping confidently into the next exciting chapter of your family’s journey. Also, make sure to coordinate with the owner of the house if you’re moving into a rented one so that you can settle in with little to no worries.

8. Maintain Connection with Old City

Maintaining connections with your old city while embracing the new one is equally important. Technology makes staying in touch with old friends and sharing updates about your latest adventures more accessible. Ensure open lines of communication by arranging virtual meet-ups and sending pictures. Plan visits even during school vacations. 


The decision to move to a new city with children brings about a remarkable escapade that includes obstacles, discoveries, and cherished moments spent together as a family. You can make the process exciting by implementing open communication, thorough preparation, and a spirit of experience. 

Cheers to fresh starts and the thrills they bring!

Darsh Patel

Darsh Patel an Indian writer Living in Mumbai. Started this blog in 2017. I am the owner of this and many other blogs.

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