• FactsGood in your own skin

    5 Ways Look and feel good in your skin

    Looking and feeling good in your own skin is very easy in theory. When push comes to shove though, we often find it hard to find the beauty in ourselves that everyone else seems to see. This is simply because we’re not looking in the right places or the right way. The most common mistake people make is hating themselves…

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  • Health and Wellnessgardening

    Rejuvenate Your Spirit: How Can Gardening Improve Your Life

    A long time ago, people believed that technological advancements, connectivity, and innovations in human life would make it better. While that is true to some extent, humanity still suffers from lifestyle diseases such are depression, anxiety, obesity, heart conditions, and cancer. Subsequently, urban living is what causes the rise of these conditions since the presence of pollutants, sedentary lifestyle, and…

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