The Truth Of ‘The Heart Of The Ocean’s from the movie Titanic

The oscar winning movie Titanic displayed a profound and passionate love story that is fiery yet innocent, simple yet complex, fantasy yet emotional. Pretty sure! no one could forget the sketching scene from the movie Titanic. As Jack sketched Rose, she laid there on the couch, spell bound in his eyes and only wearing a necklace of blue diamond on her bare body. However the mystery still lies with ‘The Heart Of The Ocean’, the necklace which Kate Winslet (Rose) wore in the movie all through the sketching scene. Was the necklace just a fictional object or actually exists? Well the truth is stranger than the fictional story of Titanic.


First of all the incident of Titanic was almost as true as shown in the movie. But some of the scenes were just a fiction piece to make the ordinary viewers turn into a fan of the movie. The truth is that, there was actually a necklace on board that fatal night. It was given to Kate Florence Phillips by her 40 year old married lover, Henry Samuel Morley.


Kate worked as an assistant in one of the Morley’s confectionary shops, in London. And both of them were sailing on Titanic. Morley wanted to leave his wife and wanted begin a new life with Kate in America. They both registered on board under the names of “Mr. and Mrs. Marshall.” Before sailing to America, Morley sold two of his confectionery shops and gave the money to his wife and a daughter aged 12. As Morley and Kate sailed to America, Morley gifted a necklace to her. The necklace didn’t totally looked like as shown in the movie. It was slightly different but an expensive one.

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When under unfortunate circumstances the great grand Titanic began to sink. Morley was lost and he didn’t even knew how to swim. Luckily Kate got into one of the rescue boats. According to the story, Kate went with a couple after the rescue and lived with them in New York City. However Kate found that she was carrying the baby of Morley. But the couple didn’t wanted to take any responsibility regarding the baby. So, Kate returned to her grandparents in England. When the baby was born, she was named Ellen Mary. Sadly the baby girl was not so loved by her single mother. She was raised under the love and guidance of her grandparents.

Later on, Kate remarried some other guy of the same city. It is believed that Kate was sort of mentally unstable after the death of her lover Morley. She took out her frustrations on her daughter Ellen. She treated her like a servant and left her unknown of the fact that Kate’s husband wasn’t her actual father. Until one day Ellen, found out that Morley was her father. She made several attempts to add his name to her birth certificate. But was unsuccessful.

After Ellen married,few years later she sold ‘The Heart of Ocean’ to a lady in Florida, USA. At the age of 92, 2005 Ellen Mary Walker died. Her several attempts to prove that Henry Morley was her father was never a success. The necklace still remains with the lady in Florida.

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