Weirdest Things Found By Airport Security

We all know the strictness of airport security and their well-established work.

However, some people fail to grasp just how serious this is. We have made a list of the craziest, weirdest things people tried to smuggle through borders which were caught by the airport security.

10. Dead snakes

via ibtimes.com

In 2007, a man coming from South Korea checked in a suitcase at the Atlanta International Airport. It was filled with jars and bottles stuffed with dead, venomous snakes. We still don’t know what use these dead creatures would be put to.

9. Cannonball

via wikimedia.org

An innocent diver, while exploring an 18th-century shipwreck, discovered an old cannonball. He decided to check it in with his luggage. Security control labeled it to be dangerous and possibly explosive. They had to evacuate nearly 300 passengers to ensure their safety.

8. Body of iPhones

via cnn.com

This incident occurred in China in 2014. The customs police caught a Hong Kong man with 94 iPhones strapped to his body. This obviously set off the metal detector which alerted the security. His intention was to sell them at a high price.

7. 200 tarantulas

Via Source: National Geographic Kids

Are you scared of spiders? If yes, then count your luck that you weren’t a part of this security team. Security officers in Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport confiscated a bag. We can only imagine their surprise and horror when they found out it contained 200 bags with rare tarantulas.

6. $1.2 million in gold bars

Via Source: Irishnews.com

During the routine cleaning of an airplane going from Mumbai to Bangkok, an astonishing discovery was made. There were 24 gold bars in the bathroom. It was thought to be a gold smuggling incident.

5. 51 tropical fishes

Via Source: Images Lobster and Fish

Everyone loves fishes. But some people love them more than others and don’t shy away from showing it. In 2005, at Melbourne International Airport, some strange movements were noticed under a woman’s skirt by a security officer. Upon inspecting, it was found that she was trying to smuggle 51 tropical fishes hidden under her skirt.

4. Lipstick stun gun

Via Source: Youtube

They say you can never go wrong with your red lipstick. However, a rather odd lipstick was found in a woman’s carry-on bag in Vermont. This arose suspicion and led to examination. As it turns out, it wasn’t, particularly for cosmetic use. In fact, it was. A 350,000-volt stun gun.

3. 4 Grenades

Via Source: Sportsman’s Guide

Despite the tight airport security, a passenger tried to board his flight with 4 grenades in his bag. Undoubtedly, they were confiscated and the rest of the items were checked to ensure everyone’s safety. Later, the man was arrested.

2. Chastity belt

Via Source: sites.google.com

There was no case of crime or smuggling with this one. It is just…weird. A British woman was stopped while passing through the metal detector in the airport in Athens. She had worn a chastity belt as a fidelity guarantee for her husband during her vacation.

1. An 8-year-old boy

Via Source: Oral Health

Yes, you read that right. Someone tried to smuggle an 8-year-old Ivorian boy from Spain to Morocco inside a suitcase. Guess, they took the phrase “put me in your suitcase” too literally.

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