How Long Can You Keep Coffee Without Going Bad?

A cup of coffee has become a staple in most people’s lives. The product would not go missing from their monthly budget for groceries. It does not matter if they buy instant coffee or roasted beans as long as they get a shot of caffeine to start the day.

According to estimates, more than 50% of Americans drink coffee every day, which translates to more than 160 million people. They buy their products from the grocery store or coffee shops. Some people who love specialty brands order from online distributors like Campos Coffee, for instance.  

But going back to the question, how long does coffee last?

For example, if you had stored coffee somewhere and forgot about it, is it okay to still use it? How about if it was already past its expiration date when you checked? Would you have an upset stomach? Would the caffeine lose its potency?

Okay, there are two categories here: sealed and opened. 

For Sealed

  1. Whole beans will typically last from six to nine months. Even if you see the “best before date,” you can still drink the product even after three years.
  2. Ground coffee will usually last from three to six months. But you can still use it after two years without any problems.
  3. Instant coffee, meanwhile, will last up to 20 years. There is no set date on when you can use it. It is safe to assume that you can still mix it in your cup for a lifetime. 

For Opened

  1. Ground coffee will last three to five months regardless of whether or not you put them in a pantry or freezer
  2. Instant coffee will last up to 20 years. Again, the timetable of safe use is indefinite. 
  3. Whole beans will last six months if you store them in a pantry and up to two years inside a freezer.

However, just because you can drink it, it does not mean that you will enjoy the experience. The flavour will degrade over time.

Caffeine will last for a long time due to its shelf life. However, it starts to lose its potency after four years. So, imagine if you are drinking an unopened instant coffee after 20 years? First of all, who would do that when you can buy cheap instant coffee from the grocery store? 

However, if you want an entirely different experience, you do not have to buy instant coffee. You can order online from Campos Coffee, instead. They sell only specialty coffee, ground from select beans roasted to achieve a variety of notes and flavours. 

The best way to store coffee, whether ground or whole beans, is to put it in an airtight container. If you already opened a bottle of instant coffee, stuff it in the refrigerator after every use.

Aside from caffeine, you will also miss out on the other benefits of coffee if you use it past the expiration date. For instance, it is known to protect against liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, heart diseases, and other health ailments. 

In conclusion, you can still drink coffee even after the best before date, but only if you have to. There is simply no reason for you to do that unless you are stuck in a cabin somewhere with no source of caffeine in your system.

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