Use of technology to improve teaching methods!

Research has shown that technology has become an integral part of our lives. It would not be wrong to say that today we majorly depend on technology and tools in our day-to-day activities. Here you will learn how the use of technology can improve teaching methods today. Modern technology is being used in top academic institutes. However,  some schools and colleges still think that introducing technology in classrooms would damage the seriousness and decorum of the class. In this post, we will tell you how this concept is flawed and how technology improves teaching methods and boosts students’ academic performance.

How does technology has a role to improve teaching?

If you want to know how technology can be used to improve teaching, then we would suggest you read the points discussed below:

Technology helps teachers’ present lectures visually

Filling black or whiteboards with lectures has become outdated. Giving lectures on boards is simply boring and consumes a lot of time. The use of technology helps teachers give lectures with slide shows. Visual content is more understandable and attractive for students, which is why expert educationists prefer using presentation software like PowerPoint to deliver lectures in classes. Teachers can add textual information on slides and images, gifs, video clips, graphs, animations, and multiple soundtracks to make their lectures interesting for students. The more interesting the slide show would be, the more understandable it would be for students.

Teachers can take their students on virtual tours by using technology

It took forever to plan a field trip in the past for students. But today, teachers can easily plan virtual trips. These kinds of trips are very beneficial for students as they provide knowledge and experience. Google cardboard is a famous tool that can help teachers plan virtual trips for their students. Virtual trips can be made to foreign countries, historic places, and places out of reach before technology came in for help. Arranging virtual field trips is considered best for teachers who want their students to be interested in the curriculum.

Teachers can schedule their classes online

Another use of technology for teachers is that it can help manage their class schedules. Tools like Google calendar can help teachers create proper class schedules and share them with their students. This is beneficial for both students and teachers. It keeps both parties informed about upcoming classes and their durations.

Teachers can create video lectures for weak students

In the past, weak students had to take intuitions and additional lectures just because they didn’t pick the concepts in the first lecture. Today teachers can use technology to record their lectures and provide them to students who are slow learners. Video lectures can also help teachers analyze their teaching methods and improve their students’ responses.

Teachers can take digital quizzes and surveys to analyze the performance

Teaching is not just about giving lectures; rather, it analyzes students’ performance. Today teachers can take feedback from students using online tools like Google forms. Getting online feedback is considered the best way to know about the opinion of students and what they have to say about the curriculum. Teachers can also take online tests and quizzes with the help of Google forms. This makes the testing process easier and quicker for both parties.

Technology can also help teachers check plagiarism in assignments/papers submitted by students

The use of technology has also increased academic plagiarism cases because students have free access to all kinds of content on the internet. So as a teacher, you must get up to your game and use an online plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in assignments and essays submitted to you. Online plagiarism software can be used to check the originality of work submitted by students and make students aware of the consequences of plagiarism. Teachers should introduce online plagiarism tools to their students and ask them to check their work before submissions. This would help teachers ensure honesty from the other side of the roster.

Teachers can introduce education games for better learning

Games are not only played for having fun and killing time. Today, there are hundreds of online games indexed on the web that teachers can suggest to their students. Playing educational games can help students engage with the subject deeper. It also ensures learning more effectively. Many higher education institutes and universities are using the game teaching method to improve students’ learning.


These are some of the common uses of modern technology, which can help teachers improve their teaching methods and boost the learning abilities of their students. It is high time that we accept the use of technology in classrooms. If you keep ignoring it, it would only make students dull and unprepared for the digital world they have to enter one day!

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