• LifestylePerfect Nail Shape For Your Finger Type

    The Perfect Nail Shape For Your Finger Type!

    Nail shape is what makes your hand look more flattering. But finding the perfect nail shape for your finger type can be a task. However, here’s where we sweep in! Your nail shape is the foundation for great hands. And this is what every manicurist will tell you. It will also enhance your color of choice and design for your…

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  • Find The Right Nail Shape For Yourself From This Detailed Nail Guide!

    Who doesn’t love a good manicure?  We all are In search of the best nail shape that would suit our natural nail shape and fingers. Whether you need to pick one for a special occasion or for wearing one every day, we’ve got you covered with all the different nail shapes that you can choose from. 1. Round Nails If…

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  • FactsRectangular shape

    3 Reasons Why Books Have A Rectangular Shape

    “When you open a book, you open a new world,” They say.  Books are a  constant companion, full of brainstorming ideas and life lessons. We have been reading books since our childhood and we’ll read them till death do us apart. But, have you ever noticed how books and notebooks always come in a rectangular shape? Why not the circular shape?…

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  • Factspizza

    Here Is Why Yummy Round Pizzas Are Delivered In Square Boxes

    To all the pizzaphiles out there, you cannot disagree with the fact that there’s no season for not eating pizza. Craving for pizza is a default emotion, everyone suffers from. The mouth-watering cheese-burst pizzas can make anyone smile on a rough day. Pizzas are considered the best cheat meal across the world and why not? The look we give to…

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