• World & EnvironmentSteps to control pollution

    8 Steps to control pollution

    Pollution is defined as the degradation of the environment around you. It can be in many forms such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and radioactive. With the passing of time, the rate of all these types is also exceeding at a higher rate. “Pollution is an evident evil existing around you.” Many climatic dangers are rising due to…

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  • Towards A Green Earth…

    Nowadays there is dust, smoke, and pollution everywhere. There is not a slight touch of greenery amidst these. Owing to the effects of global warming, the clean and peaceful atmosphere is gradually turning into a suffocating one. Environmental specialists have predicted that if this goes on for long, the ‘green earth’ is bound to be doomed. Therefore, each and every…

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  • Facts
    Sweden is running out of waste

    Waste Management Lessons- From Sweden to the World.

    While most countries in the world are struggling to develop a practical plan to solve the problem of waste management, Sweden, on the other hand, is facing a different issue altogether, the question of running out of trash to recycle! Sweden manages to generate and support half of its electricity needs just by burning its waste goods. In the last…

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