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  • Health and WellnessImprove your mood - Start Journaling!

    4 Benefits of choosing Journalism

    Penning down your thoughts, ideas, and goals can boost your mood and reduce mental health risks like anxiety, stress, and depression. Journaling is not just an act of writing on a piece of paper but also a practice involving rational thinking. Every individual needs to have a healthy relationship with their mind, and one can achieve that with regular and…

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  • Factsgood or bad

    Is It Good To Live In The Bad?

    There is no specific reason for me to choose this topic or even ponder upon it. But I need and wish to analyze this statement not just in a specific or a particular situation, but I wish to divide and interpret as many situations as possible. Here ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ are not just adjectives and qualities and ‘to live’ is…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Interesting Facts About Sneezing That Will Astonish You

    Facts About Sneezing Sneezing is a quick unplanned removal of air from the nose and mouth. It occurs due to irritation of one’s nostrils. Nostrils lining is sensitive. It reacts to dust, pollen, and animal fur, etc. When these irritants enter into our nose, our brain gets a signal to get rid of them. We sneeze. Via: Science ABC So,…

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  • Health and WellnessProtein

    Let’s Talk Protein: How Much do You Truly Need

    Protein intake is essential for good health. You need it to grow and develop, to gain muscles, to make enzymes, blood, antibodies, etc. Many athletes are aware of the importance of protein intake and sometimes intentionally overdose with intake (extra protein can help some bodybuilders to bulk up) but when it comes to the rest of us – we have…

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  • Facts

    7 Healthy Benefits of Eating Oats

    Oats have become a popular breakfast choice, for many out there, and why not. They come with an array of benefits for the body system winning the title of one of the healthiest grains we know about. These species of cereal grains are packed with qualities perfect for a healthy breakfast meal or even a quick evening snack. Entitled as a…

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