Is It Good To Live In The Bad?

There is no specific reason for me to choose this topic or even ponder upon it. But I need and wish to analyze this statement not just in a specific or a particular situation, but I wish to divide and interpret as many situations as possible. Here ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ are not just adjectives and qualities and ‘to live’ is not just a verb. But they are attributes and I may end up giving various examples and labels to make you understand these terms.

Sacrifice. Adjust. Compromise. Calibrate. Balance. Surrender.

Aren’t all these words mentioned above known moral values which a human ought to follow in his life? Does he not do this out of obligation? Is he not asked and advised to surrender and adjust to various things in life? I do not say that it is bad but I do not even regard it as good. I counter-question, ‘TILL WHEN?’. Till when is he supposed to adjust? Till when is he obligated to surrender? The suppression that I talk about is experienced in various areas. By the examples that I am about to mention, you may clearly understand what exactly does the interrogatory statement, “Is it good to live in the bad” mean.

Is it good to live in an abusive workplace?

Workplace Abuse

I understand salary is important. You have to earn to live. But what if the place you work consists of an abusive environment. Is it not worse to stay in such a place? You have your co-workers who do not support you, your boss who yells at you, you have to stay for long hours in the office even when you know it is tiring. How will this keep you emotionally stable? Till when will you endure such harassment? It is the worst place that you put yourself where you continue to sacrifice and adjust in every way. Such a professional life tends to hamper your emotional stability.

Is it good to live in an abusive relationship?

No, it is not. Here, I do not talk about just romantic relationships but all random ones. When you know your friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend cannot understand you and judges you at every step, you need to get rid of that relation as soon as possible. It is no good if the person from who you expect love and respects gives you nothing but insults. Here you need to be firm with your decision that there is no good to live in such a bad thing.

Is it good to stay in a ‘not so supportive’ family?

Abusive domestic situation
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Have your parents been protective to an extent where they seemed possessive? When you have felt that you are caged in the four walls of your house, you know it is a negative aura that has been already created in your home. Whether it is a fight between you and your parents or between them, it affects you to a great extent. It is not good to live in such a social sphere which is considered primary of all your social spheres. You cannot afford to compromise on your well being. You have to get out and get independent for you to live your life on your own measures.

These are a few examples illustrated, where I attempt to explain to the readers how a bad place sought after to compromise and adjust can become a living nightmare. Everybody has solutions with the capacity to find them. It is of no use to succumb to something which eats you up mentally. Compromising, adjusting and sacrificing is good only to an extent, but when it starts harming and disrupting your well being, you need to keep yourself on guard.


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