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  • FactsFeminism

    Why Is Feminism Essential In The 21st Century?

    Feminism refers to equality for both sexes in social, economic, and political backgrounds. Under feminism, activities and movements are conducted on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Although feminism is seen as a movement for females only, I believe movements such as #MenToo are unchaining men from the shackles of patriarchy so that they can shake off unnecessary responsibilities and…

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  • FactsDevadasi

    The Real Truth Behind The Devadasi Practice In India

    India has been notorious for its evil practices of female foeticide and infanticide. However, somewhere in a southern state in India, a group of people is rejoicing at the birth of a girl. The proud mother lifts the newbie in her arms and proclaims, “She will also be a Devadasi”. Who is a Devadasi? Via – A Devadasi is…

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  • Historyindian wedding traditions

    Indian Wedding Traditions Origin, History, And Current Trends

    Have you guys and girls ever wondered:  “Why do Indian men and women have to go through the torment of fasting throughout their own wedding day, while others enjoy a lavish feast? Aren’t they supposed to be the center of the Universe for that particular day? Why do they have to dress a certain way, even though it might be…

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