This Earthquake Is Not Natural But Created By People like You and Me.

Ever heard people say that we can really move the world if we get together? Well, what if that becomes true?

It was a football world cup result which literally moved the world. Football is a sport which has a great number of followers. People all over the world are crazy about it and love playing and watching the sport. Sometimes this fandom can create wonders. This is one such incident.


Mexico vs Germany

The story is from the FIFA world cup of 2018. Mexico won over the defending champions, that is Germany in a group match. At approx. half of the time of the match, the fans jumped of joy, so hard and so many at a time that ground shook hard enough to set off earthquake detectors. The goal sparked mass jubilation. Tremors were registered at two sites in the Mexico city after the hero of the win Hirving Lozano scored for Mexico.

“But it wasn’t just any old quake, and the ground didn’t start shaking out of pure coincidence”. Or at least that’s what SIMMSA reported on Twitter, suggesting the earthquake was “artificially” created by “massive jumps” in the city during Lozano’s goal.

Not the natural ones

A statement released by SIMMSA said: “The earthquake detected in Mexico City originated artificially. Possibly by massive jumping during the national team’s goal at the World Cup. At least two sensors inside the City detected it at 11:32.”


Such tremors have been termed as artificial quakes by the Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Investigations.

It was completely different from the natural earthquakes since they are caused by tectonic or volcanic activity and in this case, there was no clear epicenter as the agitation occurred at several points. and clearly, the crowd’s vibrations did not cause any tectonic plates to shift.

This was not the first time that something like this has happened. Such agitations have been caused before at the time of various sports events.

Must say, fandom is truly one great force.

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