How To Check If Your Mask Keeps You Safe In COVID Times?

If we rewind the year to a few months ago, most of us lived a completely different life. The global pandemic of Coronavirus has transformed our lifestyle in several ways. People are now more conscious and aware of the habits that affect their health. Wearing a mask and keeping hand sanitizers along has been constant throughout the fight against the virus.

As we are aware, wearing a mask in public helps reduce the rate of transmission of disease. However, many of us may not know that not every mask will do the job right. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the market has quickly adapted to the growing demand for masks. There are now companies that offer a designer N95 mask that is equally effective. 

Yet, there is confusion and misconception about a designer N95 mask among people. It helps to know what makes a mask useful during a health crisis. Let us discuss some of the things to keep in mind while buying a designer N95 mask. 

1. Quality 


There is a multitude of options available today in the market for masks. It is easy to get confused when buying one for yourself or your family. Whether it is a standard or designer N95 mask, you should never compromise on the quality. The safest way is to check for certification from a reliable source. 

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approves the N95 mask for use. If you are looking for a designer N95 mask that offers a reliable combination of style and efficiency, Nirvana Being Airific 2.0 is a reasonable choice. They provide internationally certified masks certified by Nelson Labs USA and use unique nano-technology to ensure 96% viral filtration efficiency.

2. Comfort

Source: Martha Stewart

The discomfort of wearing masks is a problem that many of us face in our regular lives. It defeats the purpose of having a designer N95 mask if you cannot wear it for long in public. Many people rushed to buy a mask during the pandemic that ended up not suiting their comfort standards.  

Whether it is a designer N95 mask or a simpler one, the primary purpose is to protect you and others around you. If you are unsatisfiedwith it, try finding a more comfortable one. 

3. Shape And Fit

Some of us may be struggling with the comfort of our masks because it does not fit our face shape well. When buying a designer N95 mask, remember to make sure that it fits your face shape. It should appropriately cover your mouth and nose so that the air gets filtered through it and does not go around it. 

The fit of the mask is a factor that many people do not consider while buying a designer N95 mask. However, it does make a difference when you have to wear a mask every day. Keeping that in mind, renowned brands like Nirvana Being offer Airific masks that are available in five different sizes to ensure perfect fit for every individual.

4. Filtration Efficiency

Filtration Efficiency
Source: NoCamels

We have been continuously hearing about the filtration efficiency of masks that makes them useful. N95 and other such masks that are recommended by medical authorities provide an appropriate level of filtration. There are air particles of different shapes and sizes that can affect our health. The number ‘95’ in N95 refers to its ability to filter 95% of the airborne particles effectively. 

Designer N95 masks that have become popular can provide the same level of efficient filtering through them. Hence, you do not have to choose between the look and the competency of a mask. 

5. Breathability

Source: The Guardian

When you wear a mask, the air that you breathe might get through it with extra effort. If the mask is not of good quality, it may even be more strenuous to breathe through it. When you are buying a designer N95 mask, it is favorable to check their material for breathability. 

If the mask’s fabric does not allow air to go through it easily, it will fail to serve its purpose. The air will find the path of least resistance and enter through the gaps around the mask. It is of no use to select a mask that does not allow adequate breathability. 

Keep Yourself Safe With a Suitable Mask

The past few months have been difficult for all of us in many ways. Every day, we hear of new developments and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It may get overwhelming at times to keep up with them. However, our collective effort to fight against the Coronavirus has made a difference. Taking the appropriate measures is the only way we can get closer to defeating it. 

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