20 Feel Good Book Recommendation

Books are marvelous. They make us feel different emotions. They feel like a warm blanket on a winter day. Some books are so good, that we keep going back to them. Some of these characters feel so relatable, it feels like we know them personally. 

Here is a list of books that readers have loved. These books are perfect for your cozy day-in or when you just want to take a break from this world and dwell in another universe…

20 Feel Good Book Recommendation

1. A Man Called Ove- Fredrick Backman 

“Unexpected, unputdownable, and unforgettable” – these are the adjectives many readers have used to describe this book. 

This is a heart-warming book that will make you feel all sort of emotions, is a story about a cranky yet loveable old man whose life is turned upside down when a chatty family moves next door. This comical and fuzzy story will make the readers feel satisfied.

2. Little Women– Louisa May Alcott

This story is about four sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, during the American Civil War. As they live with their mother after their father is at war, go through all thick and thins and become headstrong young women. 

As they fight for their passions, with sickness, and societal norms back then… this bitter-sweet story will have you laugh, cry and feel incredible!

3. Midnight’s Children- Salman Rushdie 

A story about Saleem, a child born at midnight of 15th August 1947, along with many others. These children have magical powers. As this story goes back and forth in time from the independence era, years ago, to reality, it is a fascinating family saga in the vast and colorful 20th century India.

4. Interpreter of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri

This is a collection of short stories about an Indian (Bengali) family in Boston, America. As they carry their lives with a dual identity, and in the fragments of their heritage, homes, and families. 

The characters in these stories are relatable and impactful. 

5. Simon VS. the Homosapiens Agenda- Becky Albertalli

A story of an average 17-year-old boy with loving family and friends. This not-so-openly gay kid falls for someone he met online. They hid their identities but things get complicated when his mails are read by one of his classmates and eventually things go haywire.

As he struggles to make things go back to normal, he raises questions about the complexities of being a homosexual person. 

This young adult book is a perfect blend of thought provocation, comedy, love, and friendship. 

6. The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini  

This melancholic tale of two childhood friends; Amir and Hassan are heartbreaking yet comforting. How families and friendships survive in a country that is on the verge of destruction. This story, set across two countries that are very different from one another will have a bittersweet effect on you. There are happy times, and some are devasting. This powerful novel is a classic. 

7. And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini 

A heart-warming and compassionate tale of two Afghan siblings; Abdullah and Pari. As they embark on their journey from the deserts of Kabul across countries, this is a story about how our bonds we create define our lives and shape us, about love, and how the people closest to us surprise us.

8. Brida- Paulo Coelho 

Brida, a young Irish girl is on a quest for knowledge to learn more about magic and spirituality. On her journey, she meets wise people who enrich her with the wisdom she is longing for. 

This is her journey to seek her destiny, overcome fears and find a balance in life. This is an inspirational tale of love and passion, by the master storyteller himself. 

9. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho  

Another dazzling, soulful yet simple story where the protagonist travels through deserts to find a treasure. On his way, he meets strangers who point to help him with directions. No one knows what treasure is he looking for. 

This story will help you realize the importance of the dream, never giving up, and listening to our hearts. 

10. An Abundance of Katherines- John Green 

Colin Singleton’s ideal type of relationship is a girl named Katherine. But all the Katherine(s) he has met have always dumped him. He is a prodigy for a passion for anagramming. As he sets on a road trip with his best friend, something about the trip changes him as a person. 

This is a story about the importance of letting go of logic everywhere and start going with the flow, following your instincts. 

11. Becoming- Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama’s autobiography is a perfect blend of motivation, laughter, nostalgia, and how she found her voice, her public health campaign, and how was life in the White House. 

This book is warm, wise, inspiring, and empowering. 

12. Lily and The Octopus- Steven Rowley 

This book is what happens when The Art of Racing in The Rain meets Life of Pi. This book has emotional depth and an uplifting spirit. This story is about love, about having to let go, and of the fight for love! 

13. Wonder- R. J. Palacio

The story revolves around a simple idea; Being different. August Pullman is a ten-year-old who is born with different facial features. However, it does not stop the child from doing what all children of that age do. As he finally starts attending mainstream school, even after his ordinary lifestyle, does not get the same treatment as others because of his distinct facial features. 

The story gives a powerful message as August fights his way through the stigmatic and judgemental world. This book will leave the readers to feel better, for sure.

14. A Suitable boy- Vikram Seth

This book is set in newly independent India and centers on a mother-daughter duo, where the former is set to find a suitable bot for her daughter, Lata to marry. This is a somewhat humorous story of ordinary people in an intricate, multi-ethnic society where there are webs of love, ambition, sadness, and prejudice. 

15. Is Everyone Hanging out without me? (and other concerns)- Mindy Kaling 

Mindy Kaling, comedian, actor writes about her life and the different roles she has played in her life. She hilariously takes the readers on a tour of her life and shares her observations on life, romance, friendship, Hollywood, and everything in between. 

While reading this book you will feel as if she is your “girl next door”! 

16. The art of racing in the Rain- Garth Stein

Ever wondered about the world from a dog’s perspective? This is the book for you. 

Golder retriever, Enzo is different from other dogs (he’s a human soul); he taught himself by watching a lot of television and carefully listening to his master, who is a race car driver in making. 

This is heart-warming, funny, a story full of hope, love, loyalty, and all the absurd things dogs think about their humans!

17. Those pricey Thakur girls- Anuja Chauhan

A story of a judge, his wife, and five daughters living in posh society in New Delhi. The daughters, who have very different personalities, make their way through life. This is their story. Troublesome, hilarious, romantic, family drama…this book has it all. 

18. Mrs. Funnybones- Twinkle Khanna

This is a book that hilariously narrates a story of an average Indian household. It is full of wits and impeccable observations which make it relatable, especially to the modern-day Indian woman balancing everything and making her way through life. 

This book will have you see the fun in these day-to-day mundane tasks.  

19. Red, White & Royal Blue- Casey McQuiston

When the first female president of America re-runs for election, her son, Alex has to pretend to be friends with the Prince Henry of England, to keep away media and political propaganda. 

As they stage their friendship, eventually they become friends for real, only to realize that they are in love. Things start to get complicated, and they must make choices. 

This book is funny, and a little blue but it is a powerful story that leaves people hopeful about the LGBTQ+ community. 

20. The Harry Potter Series- J. K. Rowling

No world is as magical as the world of our childhood star, Harry Potter! (pardon the pun). Nothing compares a weekend with some snacks and a random Hogwarts adventure. 

It might just be a fictional story of a young boy growing up in a magical world, fighting negative energies and obstacles but the comfort of this series is unmatched; it tells tales of friendship, love, and that there are relations beyond the blood ones are equally important. Just remember that when nothing works, Harry Potter does!  

Happy reading. 

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