Why Biking To College Will Be The Way To Go In 2021

Bike riding has become a new norm among college students due to its numerous benefits. It is a cheap, convenient, and fun way to get to class. Due to climate change, some students are more inclined to search for environmentally friendly transport. 

Regardless, biking is a better option. According to Alek Asaduryan, founder of Yes Cycling, these are the benefits you are missing out on by not riding your bike to college.

1. It Is Cheaper Than Driving

It Is Cheaper Than Driving
Source: Concordia College

This year choose to ride a bike instead of driving a car. It will save you lots of money that you can allocate to purchasing school supplies. A bicycle is cost-effective because you will not need money to fuel it, unlike a car. 

Moreover, owning a car entails setting aside cash for maintenance and doing regular tune-ups, which can take a toll on you. Bikes are easy to maintain, and you can fix it with just a basic tool kit that you can purchase affordably.

Additionally, the maintenance of the bike is cheaper than what you would spend on a car. Also, riding is affordable as it does not require monthly payments and insurance. 

If you do not own a bike, you can choose to hire or borrow from your classmates. It will be convenient. Additionally, you also do not have to pay parking fees or set up a garage when you own a bicycle.

2. It Is More Fun

It Is More Fun
Source: Bike Seats

Riding a bike can be a fun activity to engage in with your friends. Grab a few friends and go out bike riding. Participate in contests and make it even more fun. Use your bike to go to college activities such as club meetings, soccer practice, and dancing arenas. 

Ride to the library with your buddies and head back to college together. It will be enjoyable. Driving a car can be fun, but you can stifle it with traffic rules, speed limits, and stoplights. Also, it is hard to do it concurrently with your friends. However, riding a bike gives you so much freedom. You have the chance to accelerate as fast as you want.

3. It Is Healthier For You

It Is Healthier For You
Source: Strong Towns

Riding a bike to college helps you to stay in shape as it is part of exercising. Additionally, you automatically absorb Vitamin D when you cycle outside in the sun. 

Therefore, it assists you to acquire a vital necessity in your body. It is even better than running on a treadmill. Moreover, if you are running on a tight budget, you can forego paying your gym membership and instead use your bike to stay in shape.

Cycling has numerous health benefits for college students. Some of them include the following:

  • It can help to lower the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and depression
  • It can enhance physical fitness and help to prevent obesity.
  • Cycling also helps to improve physical health and has a positive impact on your physical health. Riding a bike boosts brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and phenylethylamine that enhance happiness.

4. You Will Make Cycling Friends

You Will Make Cycling Friends
Source: FTD

Cycling is a great activity to build a social network. It provides you with an opportunity to interact with college students with whom you share the same interest. You will have a chance to bond while cycling to college, which is an added advantage as you enjoy nature’s beauty. 

Cycling with friends is a great way to improve your bike handling skills. You will have to learn how to communicate using hand signals to avoid hazards.

When you ride your bike to college regularly, you get to increase your strength and build your muscles. It helps you to develop aerobic efficiency, improve endurance and aerobic capacity. The bicycle assists you to get into a training rhythm and build mental fortitude.

5. It Is Environment Friendly

It Is Environment Friendly
Source: BikeRadar

Environmentally friendly students have a chance to participate in an activity that does not spoil their surroundings. As a way of making the earth greener, these students can opt for cycling. It does not emit exhaust fumes if you compare this to cars and other modes of transport.

Riding a bicycle uses minimal fossil fuels and does not pollute the environment. Cycling conserves residential space and roadways. Therefore, it allows more plant life and less concrete in urban areas. When cycling, students do not require any gasoline, and thus, there are no harmful vehicle emissions emitted into the air. Therefore, choosing to ride your bike instead of driving your car can lower your environmental footprint.

More students are discovering that in 2021, it will pay to own a bicycle as it will make life simple as it is a cheap, reliable, and efficient mode of transport.

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